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RockSchmidt Rock Testing

Press release date: June 27, 2014

RockSchmidt Rock Testing Hammer, the world's most advanced rebound hammer, has unmatched dispersion characteristics, unconfined Compressive strength, durability and measuring range has now been fully adapted for rock testing.


Impact Angle Independence
Optimized for Field Work
Young's (E-) Modulus
Weathering Grade
Preset Statistics


Geomorphological applications which investigate the bulk hardness properties of a rock outcrop
Prediction of penetration rates for tunnel boring machines and rotary drum cutters
Testing on weak rocks, porous rocks and those with thin weathering crusts
Correlation to Unconfined (or Uniaxial) Compressive Strength (UCS)
Relative dating of landforms such as moraines and rock glaciers
Prediction of weathering grades
Correlation to Young's Modulus
Testing on blocks and on cores


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