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noax Industrial Computers at CeBIT 2014

Press release date: April 10, 2014

noax Technologies AG is the manufacturer of choice when it comes to Industrial PCs for extreme environments. That's why the IPCs in our Compact Series, featuring screen sizes of 12", 15", 19", and 21.5", have become especially popular in the manufacturing and production industry. The stainless steel PCs of our Steel-Series are ideal for use in food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industry - wherever hygenic needs are required.

noax Industrial PCs for your production environment

Industrial computers from noax can reliably control your production processes. Despite dust, moisture, vibration or shock, they guarantee absolute dependability, even in 24-hour continuous operations. All noax Industrial PCs are produced to the same standards of quality. Equipped and adapted to suit your specific application, they promise efficiency, effectiveness and cost savings.

You may have noticed some of our exciting displays at the show, such as...
• Waterfall with the IP65 stainless steel S19 Industrial PC
• The C21 Industrial PC with higher resolution with the 21.5" display
• C12 forklift terminal with integrated uninterruptible power supply (internal UPS)
Key features of noax Industrial PCs are:
• Compact and rugged design with protection level up to IP69k (NEMA 6)
• Easy operation via especially robust touch panel
• In-house developed all-in-one-Motherboard
• Expandable by standard interfaces and PCI/PCIe slots
• Control functions and individual adaptation per micro controller
• High runtimes and long-term availability - 10 years of service and support
• Low power consumption - Sustainable technology
• Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit), function keys, RAID, cellular network and much more...

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noax press contacts:

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D-83684 Tegernsee
Tel.: +49 80 22 - 91 53 188
Fax: +49 80 22 - 91 53 189

noax Technologies Corp.
Lindsay Ackman
10130 Perimeter Parkway
Suite 230
Charlotte, NC 28216
Tel.: 704-992-1606
Fax: 704-992-1712


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