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New Report Published about Medical Device and Equipment Sector

Press release date: May 21, 2014

Norwood, MA-based ADMET has just published a new report about the Medical Device and Equipment Sector. As a developer of materials testing systems, ADMET has encountered numerous issues specific to this sector. This report looks at some of these trends, including:
  • Slowing Growth: A Statistical Look at the Medical Device Sector
  • Environment Update: A Drag on the Industry
  • Countering Margin Pressures: Spotlight on Supply Chain and Internal Processes
  • Transparency Fuels Emergence of Value-Driven Market
  • Great Attention to Quality: Device Recalls Increase
  • Product Trends: Focus on Patient Experience and Pragmatic Cost Cutting
In addition, the report shares some stories from ADMET customers, demonstrating the material testing challenges that companies face. The report is available for download at no cost at

ADMET is a leading global manufacturer of innovative material testing systems for tension, compression, bend, peel, torsion, biaxial, and dynamic fatigue testing. ADMET’s systems enable customers to conduct comprehensive, repeatable tests to ASTM or ISO standards, keep testing costs under control, and seamlessly integrate testing procedures into their organizations. Robust, easy to use, and consistently accurate, ADMET supplies material testing systems to the automotive, aerospace, biomedical, construction, plastics, metals, test lab, and education sectors as well as to major government agencies. Customers include Lawrence Livermore National Lab, GE, DuPont, Boeing, US Steel, John Deere, Bechtel, Medtronic, and Harvard Medical School. The ADMET team has been solving materials testing problems for more than 25 years from basic applications to recent innovative breakthroughs in the medical sector.

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