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New Interface Solutions from PRIAMUS

Press release date: September 1, 2014

Anyone who is familiar with injection molding knows that the molded parts do not simply fall out of the mold. The process is complex and there are a number of influences which finally lead to a good or bad part. The injection molding machine is not necessarily the most important factor. Although, the machine manufacturers do their best to manufacture machines and controls as repeatable as possible.

The question that inevitably still gets asked is, why bad parts are still being produced.

The answer is both simple and complicated since there are nonconstant influences which can change a good part to a bad part. These include different material batches, fluctuating viscosities, environmental conditions, and the fact that no process is exactly like another.

For this purpose, the process needs a quality assurance systems which compensates for these fluctuations, and therefore can produce identical parts. FILLCONTROL consists of a number of different systems, which depending on the application can monitor and control the process.

For an even more precise process analysis, the software system has now been extended with a data export function. This function allows selecting a range of cycles and to store all details either in csv or in Excel format. Besides the actual measuring data these involve all information about the actual quality state and the controllers used, as well as their actual and set values.

In addition this function stores an event protocol including all statements about the users and the adjustments made.

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