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New Holophane Food Processing Lighting Guide Offers Safe, Reliable Solutions for Diverse Environments

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New Holophane Food Processing Lighting Guide Offers Safe, Reliable Solutions for Diverse Environments

Press release date: July 21, 2010

Lighting systems meet the most stringent requirements and can improve worker performance

GRANVILLE, Ohio (July 21, 2010) - A new Food Processing Lighting Guide from Holophane details illumination considerations and options for lighting a wide range of environments within a food processing facility. The guide addresses topics such as uniformity, colors and color rendering, vertical illumination, durability and maintenance and special ceilings. It also discusses industry lighting standards and IESNA recommendations.

"Most food processing facilities have areas that require NSF certified luminaires along with warehouses, staging and distribution areas, lobbies, corridors and outdoor environments, each with its own unique lighting requirements," said Tamar Williamson, Holophane Product Manager, Indoor. "Installing the proper light fixtures for each area can improve worker comfort and performance and increase a company's profits overall."

Food and beverage processing operations must have luminaires that can withstand the daily wash downs required to eliminate contaminants and prevent bacterial growth. Most facilities also require high levels of illumination with ample vertical footcandles so employees can read gauges, operate equipment, perform speed sensitive tasks and maintain and repair equipment.

Holophane offers a variety of lighting systems designed to meet the specific needs of the many indoor areas within a food processing facility, including splash and non-food zones, hazardous areas, storage facilities and general spaces and offices. Many Holophane luminaires-including the popular VantageĀ® series-efficiently illuminate the wide open spaces crisscrossed by support beams, pipes and other obstacles that are common to many food processing plants. The company also offers a line of NSF international splash zone rated exit and emergency systems.

Holophane's complete line of outdoor luminaires are applicable for parking lots, roadways, sidewalks, building facades and other areas, providing sufficient light to create a safe, secure environment without glare. Fixture optics cast illumination down the roadway or across the parking lot to eliminate dark spots or pools of light. System photometrics allow wider spacing between poles, which translates into lower installation, maintenance and operating costs.

"Very few industries-if any-have more stringent and diverse lighting requirements than the food and beverage processing industry," Williamson said. "Selecting a state-of-the-art lighting system with a highly engineered design will assure safe, reliable performance with minimal maintenance for many years."

For a copy of the new Holophane Food Processing Lighting Guide or details about the company's complete line of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions, call 866-759-1577 or visit

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