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MultiGram III Preparative SFC ships to two major pharmaceutical corporations

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MultiGram III Preparative SFC ships to two major pharmaceutical corporations

Press release date: February 17, 2006

Columbia, MD - METTLER TOLEDO proudly announces initial shipments of the MultiGram®III Preparative SFC to two major pharmaceutical manufacturers in North America. Using Berger SFC patented technology, the MultiGram®III increases throughput of chiral and achiral purifications by three to ten times over HPLC, while offering equivalent resolution and enhanced selectivity. "As the only dedicated Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) instrument company, we made a concerted effort to listen to the feedback provided by our end users, and this product is a direct result", commented Dave Wetherell, SFC Marketing Manager, METTLER TOLEDO, "As a third generation preparative SFC, this instrument offers expanded collection capacity, increased flow rate capability, near-atmospheric pressure collection, a visible waste train, and a number of advanced safety features. Celebrating over a decade in the field of SFC, this is the first integrated product developed utilizing a diverse team of individuals across a wide range of disciplines. We are quite proud of the outcome." Offering flow rates of up to 400 ml per minute, the MultiGram®III thereby accommodates an expanded range of high capacity preparative columns ideal for large scale purification. The MultiGram®III allows the collection of automated sample fractions in four selectable volume containers with capacities from 1 liter to 20 liters, and includes two 20 liter solvent reservoirs as well as intrapeak collections into 2 to 10 liter vessels. Selectable peak detection parameters provide the use of time windows, threshold, and slope, or a combination of all three parameters, enabling time-based yields of more than 95%, and an output of up to 30 grams per hour for each peak. METTLER TOLEDO is a leading provider of instruments and services that help scientists and engineers speed development of new chemical compounds. Providing sales, service and application support throughout the world, METTLER TOLEDO counts the top 20 pharmaceutical corporations as customers. For more information about METTLER TOLEDO or Berger SFC, please visit


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