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Matrix Brings Its Top Coffee Packaging Machines to the 25th Specialty Coffee Exposition, April 12-14 in Boston

Matrix Packaging Machinery - Saukville, WI

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Matrix Brings Its Top Coffee Packaging Machines to the 25th Specialty Coffee Exposition, April 12-14 in Boston

Press release date: April 3, 2013

The Elete, Mercury HS, and Matrix X vertical form-fill-seal machines from Matrix give coffee companies a choice of three rugged and capable automated packaging solutions designed to deliver a variety of benefits (Matrix Booth # 1127)

SAUKVILLE, Wis. – Matrix Packaging Machinery, powered by Pro Mach, will showcase at the 25th Specialty Coffee Association Exposition, April 12-14 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, its three most popular form-fill-seal machines for the coffee industry, the Elete, the Mercury HS, and Matrix X. These three automated packaging machines can help coffee companies of all sizes and individual needs increase uptime, decrease waste, and improve the overall efficiency of the packaging operation. (Matrix Booth # 1127)

The Elete is designed for those companies that want a simple to use, rugged vertical form-fill-seal machine that is loaded with features and is easy on the budget. The Mercury HS is Matrix’s top selling high speed machine and the choice of those coffee companies that have massive orders to fill and require worry-free, quality operation. The Matrix X is for coffee companies that need high speed production and greater flexibility, but have limited floor space for new production equipment. 

"The Elete, Mercury HS, and Matrix X provide automated packing that is fast, reliable, easy to use, and low cost to operate," said Marc Willden, vice president and general manager, Matrix Packaging Machinery. "Each unit is geared to different business conditions."

The Elete is for those coffee companies stepping up to automation or looking for an improvement to the automated packing they currently use. This is Matrix’s number one machine for growing companies on lean automation budgets.

There are a number of Elete models with a range of options. The machine showcased in Boston comes with a fill rate of up to 120 fractional packs or up to 40 flat bottom bags per minute. Bag sizes range from a minimum of 3 x 2.5 inches to a maximum of 13 x 15 inches. This unit also has a rugged stainless steel frame, Matrix Smart Jaw ST sealing system, automatic web edge guide film tracking system, tool free film roll and forming tube changeover, nationally available Allen-Bradley control components, and more. The Elete is compatible with a range of fillers and Matrix will provide guidance on which fillers are optimal for a customer’s environment.
The Mercury HS forms, fills, and seals up to 140 bags per minute. Bag sizes range from 1.75 x 2.5 inches to 11 x 15 inches. Standard features include stainless steel construction, Matrix Smart Jaw ST horizontal sealing technology, color touch screen operator panel, English/Spanish operator interface, and an Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC control system. Compared to other high speed machines, the Mercury has a small footprint, which helps to conserve valuable floor space. These units, like the Elete, can be used with a wide range of fillers.

Each Mercury HS offers a self-centering film drive down system, automatic edge guide film tracking, and short travel, angled incline film upwind, all of which contribute to precise film movement and trouble free operation. Tool-free quick-change core chucks help to ensure fast changeover between jobs.

The Matrix X is actually two baggers with two augers that Matrix advanced engineering has consolidated into a single small footprint unit. The Matrix X has a production capacity of up to 250 bags per minute and a 45-inch wide footprint which is comparable to a single machine. Production managers can bag the same product using the two augers and form-fill-seal units or run different products at the same time. This gives operations the ability to easily mix or match production runs to meet daily requirements.

X machines form pillow bags from 3- to 15-inches long and from 2- to 8-inches wide. The rugged stainless steel cantilevered frame and other components are designed to withstand the rigors of 24/7 duty cycles. Vacuum-pull belts give the coffee roaster greater flexibility in the type of films utilized. The machine features electronic servo motion control for greater accuracy and faster and more precise changeover. Integrated speed control of takeaway conveyors improves overall packaging line integration.

Video and additional product detail on the Elete, the Mercury HS, and the Matrix X are available online. For more information on the full range of Matrix vertical and rotary bagging machines, call 262-268-8300 and visit

About Matrix

Matrix Packaging Machinery is an industry-leading manufacturer of vertical form-fill-seal (v/f/f/s) packaging equipment. Since 1988 Matrix has built a solid reputation for delivering rugged, well-engineered, cost competitive, and easy-to-use packaging systems backed by outstanding customer support. Matrix has machines in operation throughout the world, handling a wide range of products in very diverse conditions.

About Pro Mach               
Pro Mach, Cincinnati, Ohio, is a leading provider of integrated packaging products and solutions for food, beverage, household goods, pharmaceutical, and other diverse consumer and industrial companies. Through three business units and related divisions, Pro Mach provides equipment, training, installation, and parts in primary packaging, end-of-line packaging, and identification and tracking.

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