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MATHESON Acquires Continental Carbonic Products, Inc.

Press release date: February 13, 2014

DECATUR, IL and BASKING RIDGE, NJ– Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc.("MATHESON"), a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial, medical,electronics and specialty gases and welding supplies headquartered inBasking Ridge, New Jersey, announced today that it has completed theacquisition of Continental Carbonic Products, Inc. ("CCPI"), anIllinois-based manufacturer and supplier of dry ice and liquid carbondioxide. MATHESON is the largest subsidiary of Taiyo Nippon SansoCorporation ("TNSC"), which is one of the top five global producers ofindustrial, medical, electronics and specialty gases and is headquartered inJapan. The acquired business operates 31 branch locations and 8 productionfacilities located throughout the Midwest, Eastern and Southern UnitedStates.

Shinji Tanabe, President of TNSC, said, "TNSC has positioned thestrengthening of its North American business base as one pillar of itsearnings improvement initiatives. To that end, the acquisition ofContinental Carbonic supports our strategy."

"Continental Carbonic has a strong history of successful expansion inbecoming one of the major U.S. suppliers of dry ice under the leadership ofBob Wiesemann II and his Team. Going forward, CCPI presents a tremendousopportunity for MATHESON by providing a new platform for growth andextension of our product offering," said Scott Kallman, President and ChiefExecutive Officer of MATHESON. "CCPI will operate as a wholly-ownedsubsidiary of MATHESON with a separate Board of Directors. John Funk willcontinue as President for CCPI and will serve on the Board of Directorsalong with Bob Wiesemann II and other MATHESON representatives."

"While Continental has enjoyed tremendous growth thanks to our dedicatedemployees and loyal customers, the potential for future growth is evengreater. To realize that potential, we believe that Continental needs anownership structure and the necessary capital and other resources thatMATHESON is well equipped to provide," stated Bob Wiesemann II, ChiefExecutive Officer of CCPI.

About Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc.
Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. is a single source for industrial, medical, specialtyand electronic gases, gas handling equipment, high performance purificationsystems, engineering and gas management services, and on-site gas generationwith a mission to deliver innovative solutions for global customerrequirements. Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. is the largest subsidiary of TaiyoNippon Sanso Corporation, one of the top five suppliers of industrial,specialty, and electronics gases in the world.

About Continental Carbonic Products, Inc.
Continental Carbonic Products, Inc., headquartered in Decatur, IL, is thelargest independent supplier of dry ice in the U.S. CCPI operates from 39locations located throughout the eastern two-thirds of the United States andOntario Canada. Additionally CCPI is the nation's largest distributor of dryice blasting equipment and is a leading manufacturer of liquid carbondioxide.

Contacts:Continental Carbonic Products, Inc.
John Funk 217-428-2068

Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc.
John Molnar 908-991-9317


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