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Mantacore Announces FlexSure 3.5 in Denmark

Press release date: January 22, 2014

COPENHAGEN– FlexSure fast-tracks insurance product distribution through web channels

Mantacore AB, a provider of software solutions for the Property Casualty (P/C) insurance market, today announced the availability of FlexSure™ 3.5, the latest release of Mantacore's insurance system.

Not only does FlexSure provide the agility for insurers and managing agents to replace legacy core systems or extend beyond them, FlexSure now provides the capability for business users to deploy their products and schemes directly through web channels using the innovative Brandsite™ module.

To-date, insurers have had to have their products and schemes configured in their core insurance system and then configured again separately for each web channel in order to provide either specific data capture, rules, rates and underwriting parameters applied using a number of IT developer resources. This all leads to an inefficient and costly process.

Insurers can now look forward to significant cost and time savings with FlexSure 3.5.

FlexSure provides a fully integrated Brandsite module and CMS tool for business users to deploy their product portfolio to desktop and mobile channels for local and international markets by configuring their products and schemes once with a layout for each channel or groups of channels.

FlexSure 3.5 also delivers many architectural and performance improvements, a new bonus module and improvements to accounts handling, document archiving and managing retroactive policy cancellations.

"We have developed an advanced, but easy-to-use tool for non-techy insurance professionals that enables them to design and deploy insurance products with different rating and underwriting rules depending on channel, brand, time of day - or any other criteria," says Finn Oskarsson - CEO of Mantacore.

About Mantacore

Mantacore provides an end-to-end enterprise solution for the Insurance sector and has developed and deployed solutions for the Property & Casualty insurance market since 1993. The company is based in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the UK. Mantacore is focused on developing, marketing and implementing FlexSure, our modern standard Policy & Claim Management System.

FlexSure has a focus on agility, cost efficiency and modularity. FlexSure enables business experts to design and publish insurance products in many different distribution channels with advanced underwriting and pricing functionality. FlexSure is fully featured system that handles all core insurance processes including claims handling and is based on the latest Microsoft Technology.
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