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JETVision: Increase Mailpiece Integrity and Quality with Industry-Leading Vision Technologies

Press release date: February 5, 2013

Errors in the production process can seem almost endless. From duplicate pieces to items with missing information or poor quality, there are many challenges that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted time, materials and potential penalties from missed deadlines. While manual quality checks can help alleviate this problem, they are time consuming and subject to error. Your business will benefit from having an automated system that can confirm every item is accurate and meets postal and regulatory requirements. Bell and Howell's JETVision systems provide the most comprehensive selection of machine vision modules ranging from simple operations to very complex integrity and quality control systems. These modules use superior symbol recognition technology to read one- and two-dimensional barcodes, as well as image patterns and font-independent OCR symbologies. JETVision can also test mailpieces to ensure that they comply with the latest USPS requirements. In addition, JETVision operations can share data and job information with other ADF management systems such as Bell and Howell's IQ Software Suite. FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATIONS The JETVision product family has been designed with many flexible configurations to meet a variety of budgets and application needs. JETVision Express has a universal mounting kit. The kit includes standard mounting brackets for easy installation on new, legacy and third-party systems. The JETVision Platinum Slim system is designed with an envelope transport for letters, 6" x 9" and flat envelopes. It can also be used on legacy or third-party systems for reading at the back-end of an inserter, or in a manual operations department. New versions of the JETVision family are always under development to meet the industry's changing application needs. Support for all industry-standard symbologies IMPLEMENTATION
JETVision is compatible with:
Bell and Howell system and non-Bell and Howell system inserters
Inkjet systems
Binding equipment
Bursters, and more JETVision Operations
JETVision includes a standard package bundle, and can be configured with one or many additional operations. The standard package bundle includes: VERIFICATION PACKAGE
Ensure an address has not been masked-The Address Verify operation confirms that all mailpieces have a visible address, eliminating the mailing of non-addressed documents
Identify out-of-sequence jobs-The Sequence Verify operation alerts an operator that a job is out of sequence, enabling the operator to locate items that are missing, out of order or incorrectly assembled
Confirm that items use the correct base material stock- The Format Verify operation alerts the operator if the materials used do not match the defined stock for a job, preventing work from having to be redone or a customer from receiving wrong information. POSTAL PACKAGE
Identify mailing breaks by applying visible marks to mailpieces-The system reads a pre-printed symbol on an envelope and then activates an envelope marker to mark the outside of an envelope with the Postal Break operation. This mark can indicate a postal code break or represent a break in material that requires special handling by the operator
Verify a meter mark or stamp has been applied to your envelope-Using the Indicia Verify operation, the system can verify the presence or absence of meter imprints
Verify postal barcodes, including Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMB)-Postal Verification can ensure that the piece will satisfy postal quality standards MATCHING PACKAGE
Read and match multiple pieces of information to verify every item is assembled with full integrity-As data is read at the primary position, the Matching operation uses it to compare and validate that multiple pieces of data read on a single item or information read in multiple locations matches. If the match is not valid, the system is instructed to fault and stop for the operator to take corrective action, or the item can be diverted later in the process with a complete audit trail OPTIONAL PACKAGES PRINTER CONTROL PACKAGE
Print a personalized message-Using information read on the control item, the Read and Print operation provides the interface to many different printer modules like Kodak, Buskro and others FILE-BASED TRACKING PACKAGE
Track documents using a control file-View and reconcile item status in real-time with end-of-job or real- time updates using one or more control and verification points IMAGE OUTPUT PACKAGE
Generate images or all, or select, items-The Image Output operation automatically generates compressed images for easy search and retrieval


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