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Ipsen's Dependable MetalMasters® Are Still an Industry Favorite

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Ipsen's Dependable MetalMasters® Are Still an Industry Favorite

Press release date: November 15, 2012

CHERRY VALLEY, IL - Two MetalMaster® furnaces were shipped to U.S. customers - a commercial heat treater and a heat exchanger manufacturer. Both furnaces are configured to fit their unique heat treating process requirements. While materials and processes change, the MetalMaster continues to combine high-quality performance with proven technology that yields repeatable results. This multi-purpose vacuum furnace series is available in all-metallic or graphite insulated hot zone packages and would be a perfect fit for your particular brazing application. The MetalMaster has cultivated strong customer loyalty by doing what it does flawlessly. With more than 500 installations worldwide, Ipsen offer a wide variety of sizes and configurations, including horizontal and vertical designs. The furnace features a specially engineered heat exchanger and turbine blower designed to optimize gas flow for more efficient cooling. In addition to Ipsen's standard computer control systems, MetalMaster furnaces may be ordered with other high-productivity options, including specialized instrumentation, increased pumping capability and material handling systems. Ipsen delivers reliability with a steadfast industry favorite that proves itself time and time again. About Ipsen, Inc.
Ipsen, Inc. designs and manufactures thermal processing systems for a wide variety of markets, including Aerospace, Medical, Energy, Chemical and Automotive. With thousands of installed systems worldwide, whether it's innovative titanium knee implants, making cars more efficient, developing new jet engines or going to the moon, Ipsen delivers quality. For more information, visit Contact:
Mary Grimborg
Marketing Manager


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