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IPC presents 'A-Z of Electronics Assembly' workshops.

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February 11, 2009 - Scheduled for March 9-11, 2009, "The A-Z of Electronics Assembly" workshops will bring electronics experts together to present key processing steps necessary to meet performance, cost, and size demands of electronic products. Workshops will include "Electronic Product Materials Methodology" on March 9, "Printed Circuit Board Methodology" on March 10, and "Electronics Assembly Attachment Methodology" on March 11. For designers, "A Design Tool Technology Interchange" will follow on March 12-13.

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A-Z Of Electronics Assembly Workshops Presented By IPC

Press release date: February 10, 2009

Design Tool Technology Interchange Series Caps Off the Week BANNOCKBURN, Ill., USA, February 10, 2009 - Electronic interconnection packaging technology is generally considered the gatekeeper of future system performance. With this understanding, IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries® has organized "The A-Z of Electronics Assembly," a series of in-depth workshops that will bring electronics industry experts together to present the key processing steps necessary to meet performance, cost and size demands of electronic products, March 9-11, 2009. For designers, "A Design Tool Technology Interchange" will follow on March 12-13. Both series of workshops will be hosted by Hunter Technology, a company that provides both PCB fabrication and electronics assembly services at their facility in Santa Clara, Calif. On Monday, March 9, Electronic Product Materials Methodology, presented by Michael Carano, vice president of marketing & strategic development with OMG Electronic Chemicals, will focus on board fabrication material issues related to solder mask, via fill, process and material control methods, solderability and final finish selection criteria. In addition, the discussions will cover the impact of higher assembly temperatures on the reliability of products. The importance of plating cell set-up to enhance reliability and performance, and the importance of the selection of resins and copper foil will also be discussed. Richard Snogren, president of Bristlecone LLC will lead the workshop on Tuesday, March 10, Printed Circuit Board Methodology. To assure a producible and reliable product, Snogren will address four fundamental issues of printed circuit board manufacturing, the ABC&Ds - A) Aspect ratio of plated-through holes and via structures; B) Balanced construction using sensible stack-ups; C) Containment of vias within the interconnecting lands assuring electrical continuity and isolation; and D) Documentation and other considerations. Wednesday's workshop, Electronics Assembly Attachment Methodology, will explore how existing standards address assembly conditions and processes. Using three different mathematical models, Dieter Bergman, IPC director of technology transfer, will address the methods for mounting components to ensure reliable solder joint attachment for both portable products and floor-mounted hardware. Bergman will also highlight assembly attachment materials and how these relate to the bonding between the component and the mounting substrate. New technology intended to address tighter tolerances, greater electrical capabilities and increased product performance requirements will be covered, as will CAD/CAM capability and data transfer. For designers, a two-day workshop, Design Tool Technology Interchange, on March 12-13, will explain the IPC-7351 Land Pattern standard and provide training on the "PCB Matrix Calculator" electronic land pattern generator. Dieter Bergman and Tom Hausherr, CID+, EDA library product manager for PCB Matrix, a Valor company, will lead the workshops. Attendees will receive a CD that contains the "calculator" tools and several video presentations that they can review back at the office in order to re-familiarize themselves with the tools' capabilities. For more information on The A-Z of Electronics Assembly series, visit For more information on the Design Tool Technology Interchange series, visit Questions for either program should be directed to the IPC registration department at +1 847-597-2861 or About IPC
IPC ( is a global trade association based in Bannockburn, Ill., dedicated to the competitive excellence and financial success of its 2,700 member companies which represent all facets of the electronics industry, including design, printed board manufacturing, electronics assembly and test. As a member-driven organization and leading source for industry standards, training, market research and public policy advocacy, IPC supports programs to meet the needs of an estimated $1.7 trillion global electronics industry. IPC maintains additional offices in Taos, N.M.; Arlington, Va.; Garden Grove, Calif.; Stockholm, Sweden; and Shanghai and Shenzhen, China.


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