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Indra and Radixx International will Collaborate in Offering Reservation and Travel Distribution Systems and Services to Airlines throughout the World

Press release date: February 20, 2014

• The alliance consists of commercialising the Radixx travel reservations solution (PSS: Passenger Services System) with Indra's airline consultancy and IT development services
• The PSS solution easily integrates with different airline business models and it is currently implemented at more than 40 companies in a number of countries

Indra, the leading technology multinational in Spain and a leader in Europe and Latin America, and Radixx International, Inc. (Orlando, Florida), have signed an alliance to offer next-generation solutions and services for passenger reservations to airlines throughout the world. Radixx has been managing regional Low Cost, hybrid and traditional airlines using its robust Radixx Air Enterprise PSS reservations system for 20 years.

This expertise, combined with Indra's IT development and consultancy services, as well as its revenue accounting, CRM, e-commerce and Business Analytics (BA) solutions, consolidates an innovative and specialised offering aimed at airlines anywhere in the world. The IT multinational will provide support and personalise the software for customers, establishing in Spain a centre of excellence for providing this type of highly specialised services. The Indra/Radixx solution is available as of today.

Radixx currently provides its PSS to more than 40 airlines throughout the world operating in the six continents. In addition, its innovative and differentiated product is specially designed to increase flexibility in the sale and distribution of Interline and code sharing flights, complying with existing IATA standards and easily adopting the future models resulting from the strategic IATA-NDC (New Distribution Capabilities) initiative, in which Indra is also participating as a strategic partner of IATA. This system is built on an Oracle database environment, which allows a high degree of scalability. Since January 2012, Radixx has added more than 20 new airlines.

Indra, the provider of numerous products and solutions for the aviation industry, has successfully implemented projects of great importance throughout the world for the transport market. It has a Cloud Services Centre and an extensive network of Software Labs with more than 18,000 developers in over 20 international locations, as well as business consultants with the necessary capabilities and expertise for working on the strategic development of major international airlines.

Innovation for airline companies
Indra is at the technological cutting edge of the Air Transport, Industry and Consumer Goods sectors, offering solutions and services that have been designed to continuously improve productivity and resource management. Its systems improve the competitiveness of customers while enabling them to access new market opportunities and undertake their latest challenges. Indra's commitment to smart infrastructures represents a qualitative conceptual step that up until now only appeared in business processes and their execution, contributing to the process of innovation in leading companies. Indra is a strategic partner of IATA and it forms part of the international New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) programme.

Indra is the leading Spanish multinational consulting and technology firm and one of the main players in Europe and Latin America. Innovation is the cornerstone of its business and sustainability. The company has allocated more than Euros550 million to R&D&i in the last three years, making it one of the top companies in Europe in its sector in terms of investment. With sales approaching Euros3 billion, nearly 60% of its income is from the international market. Over 42,000 professionals work for the company, with clients in 128 countries.

About Radixx International, Inc.
Founded in 1993 and with more than 40 airlines throughout the six continents, its PSS solution can be easily implemented at any type of airline, from the most traditional to the low-cost and hybrid models, optimising revenue, reducing costs and improving the ability to access, maintain and expand new and traditional distribution channels. For additional information, please visit


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