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Image Processing System dicomPACS Convinced in Oldest Radiology Center of Hambug; Röntgeninstitut Schlopgarten

Press release date: August 14, 2014

Dr. Andreas Bollkmper, radiologist at Rntgeninstitut Schlogarten Chairman of the Professional Association of German Radiologists in Hamburg impressions about the work with dicomPACS:

“Our institution was founded in 1938 as the first X-ray practice in Hamburg – and has since then been continuously upgraded and converted to keep up with technical progress. By now, our equipment has been fully digitalised. Five doctors and 35 staff members offer a complete range of diagnostic services in the fields of X-ray and mammadiagnostics, magnetic resonance and computer tomography, ultrasound and therapeutic procedures, PRT and RSO.

Last year we were faced with the decision to replace our previous image management system. While looking for a new partner, we had to consider many selection criteria as the solution had to fit our specific needs, including functions to support our daily diagnostic process with various imaging devices by different manufacturers.

In the medium sized company OR Technology we have now found a partner for digital image management whose dicomPACS software solution meets all our demands of up to date, cost efficient operation, providing constant and excellent image quality.

The OR Technology software is installed on ten diagnostic workstations in our practice, among other special radiology modules. All images (CT, MRT, US) as well as any kind of documents (doctor's letters, diagnostic reports, recovery reports, faxes) can now be stored in our digital patient files by means of dicomPACS.

All old data has been integrated into the new system and can be compared with the current examinations selectively, image by image, with mouse click. This required importing existing images (12 TB) and data which was effected comprehensively and quickly.

We also decided to acquire the digital dictation system by OR Technology. The large number of functions – dicomPACS in constant cooperation with our RIS – ensures optimal workflow.

“We would choose OR Technology again any time.”

You can find further information in our reference report - Rntgeninstitut Schlogarten -, Please have a look!

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