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Huge Fan Refurb Maintains Operating Quality on Power Station's Auxiliary Transformers

Press release date: July 2, 2013

Expanding Australian air movement specialist Fanquip has successfully completed a fan refurbishment to more than 200 auxiliary transformers at the NSW Hunter Valley’s Eraring Power Station.

Won as a subcontracted supply agreement through The Downer Group, Fanquip was required to locate existing, aged fans and replace them with its heavy duty product as part of an integrated cooling system.

Fanquip installation specialists installed fans onto these auxiliary transformers to blow hot air across a pipe network containing cooling oils. The action of air movement being blown across the pipes cools the oil while it is being channelled through the transformers, preventing any over-heating of the system.

The main generators of this power plant reach very high temperatures, so it is up to the auxiliary transformers to maintain running efficiency of all the services ahead of operation.

Fanquip’s installation included the following:

PA Fans- primary air fans
ID Fans - induced draft fans
FD Fans - force draft fan for boiler

Eraring Energy is a state owned corporation that manages a diverse set of electricity generating assets located throughout New South Wales, Australia.

Eraring Energy’s portfolio comprises a number of generators including thermal power station, New South Wales' first wind farm, hydro sites, and pumped storage schemes.

The organisation has a combined generating capacity of over 3,200 megawatts (MW), including the Eraring Power Station at 2,880 MW, which is Australia’s largest generating site.

The Eraring Power Station and Shoalhaven Scheme (Kangaroo Valley Power Station and Bendeela Power Stations in southern NSW) are operated on behalf of Origin Energy as part of the ‘GenTrader’ Agreement.

Fanquip is one of Australia’s fastest growing suppliers of air movement technology as well as turnkey design and fitout services.

Its markets are very diverse, including mining, engineering and manufacturing, food processing and handling, third party logistics, agricultural business and transport and shipping.

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