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Heavy Duty Triple Scissor Table

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Heavy Duty Triple Scissor Table

Press release date: May 9, 2012

Actisafe has made available to Australian industry its new heavy duty triple scissor table for safe lifting of merchandise and work items. The 'Defence Preferred Supplier' has developed this product as an answer to the call for safer vertical transport of items specifically for those users who need to pick and place stock to and from fairly high level racking. Being a triple scissor table, this unit can achieve heights of up to three metres and is operated by a hand-held remote control. Furthermore, all the moving parts as well as the stationary parts of the season mechanics are totally enclosed by an expandable safety skirt to ensure nobody is exposed to the hardware of the system. The product also has safety rails all the way around and a safety lock on its gate to ensure it does not open during operation. This is not a people left, it is a very safe way or a single operator to take anything to a certain height, or retrieve it from a certain height, and not have to worry about his or her own safety being compromised or fear anything being knocked from the table during operation. For more information, please contact Actisafe. 1300 852 397.
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