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Harbec, Inc. Announces 2014 'Manufacturing Performance and Solutions Newsletter' and Customer Focused Marketing Strategies

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Harbec, Inc. Announces 2014 'Manufacturing Performance and Solutions Newsletter' and Customer Focused Marketing Strategies

Press release date: January 22, 2014

Custom Injection Molder Creating Value through Technical Innovation and Proactive Solutions Marketing

Harbec, Inc. enthusiastically announces the launch of its “Manufacturing Performance and Solutions Newsletter”. Beginning in January 2014 Harbec, Inc. will promote a concise monthly newsletter to highlight customer-centric manufacturing and engineering solutions. The goal for the newsletter is to provide practical examples and innovative insights to achieve faster speed-to-market and other high value solutions in the development of models/prototypes, production molds, and production injection molding.   

Bob Bechtold, President of Harbec states, “As we enter our 37th year in business we want to continue to engage and improve the manner in which we provide value to our customers, suppliers, and partners. Our ‘Solutions Newsletter’ will allow us to share our story and the lessons we have learned in nearly four decades of custom injection molding. We believe time-to-market is a critical driver for our business and that of our customers. In 2014 we will focus on sharing our solutions which are central to this business value.”

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In 2014 Harbec will feature its know-how in its monthly Solutions Newsletter while proactively marketing its solutions across a diversity of media channels including:

• Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+
• Video – Harbec will be producing a series of solutions videos in 2014
• – The Harbec website
• Blog – Harbec’s solutions focused blog
• Featured Technical Solutions – Such as Harbec’s Quick Manufacturing and Cleanroom solutions
• Featured Articles and Case Studies – Such as Harbec’s work with Kappius Components and EOS’s to advance industrial 3D printing as a manufacturing solution.

For more information on Harbec please contact us,

Founded by Bob Bechtold in 1977, HARBEC’s mission is to provide tightly toleranced prototypes, tooling, machined components and quality injection molded parts in a sustainable manner with a social conscience. They provide superior customer service, satisfaction and timely delivery of custom engineered solutions. HARBEC proudly foster an atmosphere of encouragement and respect for the health and prosperity of their customers, employees, and the global community.

Harbec provides capabilities and solutions for the consumer product, sporting goods, defense/aerospace, transportation, medical, marine, and energy industries. Harbec has capabilities in the use of innovative materials, problem-solving, and working with RD and commercial organizations on unique prototypes or engineering and manufacturing groups on high volume production. HARBEC has capabilities for short (1-to-100 parts) or longer run (>1M parts) production.

HARBEC is certified as an ITAR, ISO9000-2008, ISO14001, and ISO15001/SEP Company, demonstrating its use of “ecoeconomic” decisions and policies designed to ensure that its activities are sustainable. HARBEC has developed and implemented a myriad of solutions to offset emissions, utilize waste and conserve resources. HARBEC reached its goal of “no carbon footprint” by the end of 2013. Currently, the facility has a 250kW and 850kW wind turbines and operates a twenty-five microturbine combined heat and power plant which generates electricity and provides thermal energy to meet the heating and cooling requirements of the facility. For more information, please visit:
Media Contact: Kate Chamberlain, HARBEC, Inc., (585) 265-0010,


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