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H4 Solar Connector Solution from USA Wire & Cable

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H4 Solar Connector Solution from USA Wire & Cable

Press release date: February 16, 2010

Given recent difficulty in procuring connectors for PV solar installations, USA Wire & Cable is offering the solution: introducing the Helios H4 Solar Connector, manufactured by Amphenol. The H4 connector offers substantial benefits for PV solar installations whether residential, commercial or utility scale. H4's Radsok Contact Technology was developed by GE for military applications and offers greatly improved current capacity. Competitor connectors for 10awg are rated at 30amps, while the H4 is rated at 44amps, the highest current rating in the industry. The Radsok contact system has only 25ohm resistance vs. 50ohms for the industry leader, resulting in lower power loss, which is a critical issue for maximum performance in PV systems. Additionally, the H4 is made with 25 year military grade plastic for long term UV and Ozone resistance. The H4 meets 2008 NEC requirements and is both UL and TUV approved and is RoHS compliant. USA Wire & Cable has been working with Amphenol for nearly a year to develop this timely opportunity. Hugh Robertson, VP Sales, USA Wire & Cable comments, "We are proud to partner with Amphenol, one of the world leaders in connectors with a tremendous reputation and production capacity to serve the exploding solar market in North America. Effective immediately, USA Wire & Cable becomes the largest stocking distributor of H4 Connectors in North America for electrical and solar PV projects". Rick Rowell, president of R3Texas, exclusive Amphenol sales director for TX, OK, AK and LA, states , "Amphenol has developed the next generation connector for the PV solar market, to increase efficiencies, reduce power loss, improve durability and meet the latest NEC and UL requirements. While the existing market leader has been experiencing tremendous production problems, the timing couldn't be better to launch our new relationship with USA Wire & Cable to make the H4 connector available to the North American PV Market. Beginning March 1, Amphenol will be delivering 1 million connectors per month to serve the market for PV solar connectors". Contractors and distributors can call 800-880-9473 or go to for details. Contact: Hugh Robertson 800-880-9473 USA Wire & Cable, Inc. is a privately owned company, who for 20 years has served industrial markets with a full line of wire and cable products. USA Wire & Cable is known as the premier provider of cable management services for power plants and large scale industrial construction. USA Wire & Cable stocks only American made wire and cable products. Warehouse and corporate offices are located in Austin, TX.


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