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Gulf Controls Company Hires New Sales Representative for Southeast Region

Press release date: March 24, 2014

Gulf Controls Company has hired James Peters as their new sales representative for their Southeast Region, from Palm Beach County in the South to Sebastian, Florida.

James’s varied background, in both sales and science, is expected to be a major asset in representing the high-technology equipment distributed by Gulf Controls.

Most recently, James was an instructor in the Chemistry Department at Indian River State College, in Ft. Pierce, Florida. He also worked at the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, where he analyzed water and algae samples, and set up and maintained submersible Microlabs.

On the sales side, James worked five years for James Peters Associates as a manufacturer’s representative for companies manufacturing institutional food service equipment. His clients included Walt Disney World, the Pinellas and Hillsborough County School Systems and a number of large hospitals. He also worked as a sales representative for Postalogic Mailing Solutions, and as a bond trader at United Capital Markets.

His training is equally diversified. He has bachelor degrees in both finance and chemistry and a certificate in Geographical Information Systems, and is about to receive his Masters of Science in Environmental Science.

James is currently training to gain knowledge of the equipment.

“There is a lot to learn,” according to James. “The product lines I will be representing for Gulf Controls are a lot more diverse, and the products are a lot more complicated. Bosch-Rexroth, for example, probably manufactures around 10,000 products and they are all different. I have to learn which products are used in which situations.”

James has already done some fieldwork, shadowing different sales reps and principals on their sales visits, and meeting his customers. He will work jointly with most sales reps and territory managers in order to gain an understanding of the different approaches to representing the product lines.

“I am very excited about the position”, James concluded. “It fulfills my goal of bridging my sales background with my science and technology background”.

For more information about Gulf Controls Company, visit or call (813) 884-0471.


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