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Growing Industrial Custom Products Purchases New Manufacturing Technology, the ATOM Flashcut Dieless Knife Cutting System

Industrial Custom Products - Minneapolis, MN

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Growing Industrial Custom Products Purchases New Manufacturing Technology, the ATOM Flashcut Dieless Knife Cutting System

Press release date: June 11, 2013

Minneapolis, Minnesota — The continuing growth and success of Industrial Custom Products (ICP) has allowed it to purchase new manufacturing technology to continue that growth into new markets while serving its customers more cost efficiently. A new ATOM Flashcut Dieless Knife Cutting System was installed on May 28, 2013 at its Minneapolis, Minnesota plant.

The advantages this new cutting system provides to ICP's customers are:
• Optimal material utilization with advanced yielding technology to maximize production efficiencies and control costs.
• Faster turnaround time for customer parts and products.
• Rapid prototyping for designers and engineers to meet "speed to market" objectives.
• A high quality "clean edge" on manufactured parts.¬†
• No tooling costs.

The dieless knife cutting system is CNC based and enables ICP to manufacture OEM and custom parts quickly and cost efficiently from a wide variety of flexible materials, including foams, rubber and its by-products, silicone, sponge, plastics, fabrics and felts, textiles, tapes, leather and heavy leather and many other non-metallic materials from a wide variety of manufacturers.

This new CNC cutting equipment is the newest technology in industrial cutting and further enhances ICP's ability to manufacture and fabricate OEM and custom parts from flexible materials, including the following products and applications:
• Gaskets¬†
• Seals
• Insulators
• Noise and sound dampeners
• OEM foam packaging
• Heat deflection
• Water absorptions
• Adhesive products

The new ATOM Flashcut 30155 dieless knife cutting table has a useful cutting area that enables ICP to cut parts as large as 3050mm x 1550mm (121" x 61").

About Industrial Custom Products
Since 1955, Industrial Custom Products has grown to become an award winning leader in product development and manufacturing of high quality OEM and custom parts.

ICP Product Development is where experienced ICP professionals collaborate with designers and engineers for design and engineering support, materials selection, manufacturing process selection, and rapid part prototyping and samples.

QuickTurn Manufacturing. The ICP family of quality award winning QuickTurn Manufacturing Processes all work together at a single source to manufacture high quality parts and maximize production cost efficiencies for you:

• Plastic Forming
- Innovative Thermoforming
- Creative Vacuum Forming
- Quality Drape Forming

• Fabrication of Flexible Materials
- Dieless Knife Cutting
- Precision Die Cutting

• Plastic Fabrication
- Custom Plastic Fabrication
- CNC Plastics Routing
- The Plastic Sheet Distribution Center

You can visit the ICP website at or visit us on LinkedIn.

ICP has been ISO 9001:2008 Registered since 2003.

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Industrial Custom Products
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