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Fusion-io Brightens IT Performance in Sunshine State City with ioControl Hybrid Storage Solution

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Fusion-io Brightens IT Performance in Sunshine State City with ioControl Hybrid Storage Solution

Press release date: January 7, 2014

Florida City of Oviedo Puts an End to IT Support Calls By Delivering 25x More Performance for Virtual Desktop and Server Infrastructures with ioControl

SALT LAKE CITY - Fusion-io (NYSE: FIO) today announced that the City of Oviedo, a suburb of Orlando, Florida, has significantly upgraded the performance of critical IT systems using Fusion-io products, including the ioControl hybrid storage solution. An extensive user of virtual desktop infrastructure for city employees, the Oviedo IT department supports all services from devices to networks. After the IT team ran into performance challenges with its traditional storage infrastructure, the Fusion ioControl hybrid storage solution accelerated the city's VMware VSphere 5 and ESXi 5 environments, preparing the Oviedo IT department to scale to supporting 100 virtualized desktops along side all of the other server workloads, both virtual and physical.

"Before ioControl, we would hit our performance threshold and the phones would start lighting up with calls from users checking on our systems," said Jason Smith, City of Oviedo IT Specialist.  "Since we implemented ioControl, we have not received a single complaint on performance. The VMs are logging in smoothly, the system is handling our IOPS requirements, and it has the ability to provide much more.  In fact, in addition to hosting VDI, the system is handling all of the City of Oviedo server workloads, both virtual and physical."

With more than 55 virtual desktops in place, and plans to double that number, the City of Oviedo's Fusion Powered system delivers more performance than the previous shared storage solution, while tripling capacity. This resulted in a 25x performance improvement over the previous solution, allowing the city to overcome the bottlenecks that hindered VDI implementations while simultaneously delivering enough capacity to handle all of the city's physical server workloads.

The Fusion ioControl 3.0 hybrid storage solution features significant software updates that enable Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to manage shared storage according to business priorities with simplicity at scale. Fusion ioControl hybrid storage provides an ideal solution for IT professionals seeking to add flash memory acceleration to their infrastructure. Uniquely combining intelligent software to leverage industry-leading Fusion ioMemory flash products for performance and disk drives for capacity, Fusion ioControl enables companies to provision, prioritize and control shared storage resources.

With ioControl Quality of Service (QoS), system administrators were able to prioritize workloads and provision performance across all virtual desktops, reserving throughput for unexpected spikes in demand. This allowed the City of Oviedo to run five mission critical servers and several business critical point solution servers, while still delivering enough performance to power non-critical applications on the same shared storage solution. Fusion ioControl QoS ensures that City of Oviedo's mission critical applications provide uninterrupted service, even during boot storms, serving up consistent VDI performance for users throughout the workday.

"VDI is an excellent strategy for simplifying IT and increasing efficiency, but providing consistent VDI performance that lasts throughout boot storms can be one of the most challenging tasks IT administrators face today," said Chris McCall, Fusion-io Senior Director of ioControl Marketing. "The City of Oviedo maximized its existing IT resources by adding ioControl, helping to meet users' expectations cost-effectively with a solution that uniquely provides flash performance managed by business priorities."

The City of Oviedo's complete Fusion ioControl experience is documented from testing to implementation in a new case study available online:

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