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Fuchs Coolant Wins Expanded Boeing Approval

Press release date: February 10, 2014

High performance metalworking coolant approved for additional usage areas

HARVEY, IL – Fuchs Lubricants Co., and its parent, Fuchs Petrolub SE, are pleased to announce that their premium machining coolant, Ecocool S 761 B has received additional approvals from aerospace giant, Boeing.

Ecocool S 761 B is now approved under Boeing's BAC-5008 specification for Usage Areas 2 & 3, in addition to previous approvals for Usage Areas 5 & 6*. These approvals cover machining of heat treated steels, dissimilar metal stackups, titanium, and non-exterior aluminium components. Products approved under Usage Areas 2 & 3 require extensive testing for galvanic corrosion and microstructural defects that might be caused by the metalworking fluids.

FUCHS' Ecocool S 761 B has been developed for the next generation of aerospace manufacturing. It is designed to ensure outstanding tool life and high processing speeds when machining components made from titanium (including Ti 6-4 and Ti-5553), nickel super-alloy (including Inconel 718) and forged and heat treated steel. It is formulated for long service life, extraordinary foam control for high fluid delivery pressures and spindle speeds.

An independent study, carried out at Warwick University, found Ecocool S 761 B provided 50% less tool wear when compared to competitors' products. "The results of this study confirm our findings from field testing," says Jonathan Chow, FUCHS' US product manager for cutting & grinding fluids. "Customers have found an increase in tool life of two to six times when replacing conventional coolants with Ecocool S 761 B in titanium machining applications."

FUCHS LUBRICANTS CO. is a subsidiary of FUCHS PETROLUB SE, one of the world's largest manufacturers of lubricants, with 50 operating companies worldwide and annual global sales of over $2 billion.

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* As published in Boeing 5008, Revision U

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Dawn Peloso


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