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Feedwater Heater Seminar

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Feedwater Heater Seminar

Press release date: July 21, 2014

Feedwater Heater Operation And Maintenance Seminar

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1133 D Industrial Pkwy Brick, NJ 08724
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LOCATION: Atlantic City, NJ The Tropicana Hotel
DATE: September 9th – 11th, 2014 (2 1⁄2 Day Seminar)
PRICE: $950.00 per person – includes notebooks, breakfast, lunch refreshments
Registration Information:
Contact Mary Jane Luddy at (732) 202-1133 or

Michael C. Catapano Powerfect, Inc.
Michael Catapano has over 35 years experience in the operation, design, procurement and maintenance of feedwater heaters and other shell and tube heat exchangers. President of Powerfect, Inc. he has supported EPRI in numerous feedwater heater projects and seminars. He holds three patents pertaining to feedwater heater testing and repair and was selected as Inventor of the year 1990. He is a former Chairman of the ASME Power Division Heat Exchanger Committee.

Eric B. Svensson Powerfect, Inc.
Eric Svensson joined Powerfect in September 2004. Eric graduated from The Georgia Institute of Technology in 1993 with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering. Eric joined the Naval Nuclear Propulsion program shortly after graduation where he received training in Nuclear Power Theory and Operations. While in the Navy, he served as Chief Engineer on a nuclear powered submarine. In 2000, Eric received a Master's of Science in Operations Management from the University of Arkansas.

Feedwater Heater Operation And Maintenance:

Course Description
Power Plant efficiency and availability depend greatly on Feedwater Heater (FWH) performance. An early EPRI analysis identified FWH’s as key components affecting plant unavailability. According to one study, the tube failures in a single FWH could cost a utility
$1 million per year.

This course gives basic knowledge of heat transfer and thermo-dynamics, as well as an in depth review of FWH construction, operation and maintenance guidelines, including today’s state of the art designs. It also provides information on how to generate a specification for a replacement FWH.

Utility personnel will benefit greatly from the Instructor’s experience and advice.

Course Outline

General Description of Closed FWH Design
• Basic Overview
• Heat Transfer Relationships
• FWH Internals and Functions • Standards and Guidelines

Operational Guidelines
• Maximize Operator Flexibility
• On-Line Performance Monitoring
• Cyclic, Abnormal and Overload Operation • Performance testing-Heat Balances
• Performance Modeling

Significant Patterns of Failure & Understanding Key Problems
• Level Control
• Tube Vibration
• FlowAccelerationandOtherTypesof

• Venting
• Steam Impingement
• Principal Areas of FWH Problems

Lifecycle Management
• FWH Inspection and Testing
• Non Destructive Examination¬†Techniques

Corrective Maintenance Practices
• Tube Plugging
• Tube Sleeving
• Tube Sheet repairs
• Maintenance Documents & Data¬†Recording

Specification Guidelines for Replacement
• Heater Replacement Justification
• Heater Performance Factors
• Economic Factors

• Acquisition Process
• Preparing the Specification
• Selecting a Vendor

Previous Course Reviews
“It was one of the best technical seminars I have attended.”
“The course far exceeded my expectations.”
“I thought the course was excellent; I appreciated the wide span of discussion and the topics. ”


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