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ERIEZ' New Polymag® Process Revolutionizes Plastics Recovery

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ERIEZ' New Polymag® Process Revolutionizes Plastics Recovery

Press release date: July 27, 2006

Eriez announces a groundbreaking new development in multi-material plastics separation by way of the company's innovative, new PolyMag Process. With Eriez' PolyMag Process, costly hand sorting and other labor intensive procedures molders may use to recover valuable mixed resins are a thing of the past. The PolyMag Process goes to the core of the problem by creating a material that incorporates separation characteristics into the design. By including one percent of the PolyMag Additive, similar to a colorant loading, the resin becomes a candidate for magnetic separation. Sequential 3D blow molding, two-shot injection, co-extrusion and overmolding processes frequently produce scrap. This scrap is often made up of dissimilar plastics that need to be separated for maximum recovery efficiency and cost savings. One challenge multi-material processors face is segregating and recovering dissimilar resins. Salvage labor is expensive and inconsistent. Cutting, peeling and sawing multi-material molded parts create employee ergonomic risks. Add to this, escalating resin prices and there is a special urgency to recycle these mixed plastic resins. Eriez' cutting edge PolyMag Process utilizes the time-tested method of magnetic separation to reclaim valuable plastic resins. The PolyMag Separator uses extremely powerful Erium Rare Earth Permanent Magnets to separate mixed resin regrind particles. In the PolyMag Process, the first step is to blend a very small amount of the PolyMag Additive into one of the co-molded resins with an additive feeder or color auger. Then to recover the scrap that occurs from start-up, process variations or design changes, simply granulate the multi-material moldings using a standard plastics granulator. The regrind material is now ready to be run through the PolyMag Separator. The end result is a high percentage of resin separation, in less time and with greater safety than ever before possible.


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