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EMC Announces Products to Speed New Application Innovation, Reduce Cost and Accelerate the Journey to the Hybrid Cloud

Press release date: July 8, 2014


News Summary

-- New EMC product releases help organizations "Redefine Possible" -
reducing the cost of running application workloads while accelerating
innovation through new application workloads.
-- EMC XtremIO 3.0 adds new inline data services, expands family and
delivers unmatched TCO with a new XtremIO Xpect More Program.
-- New EMC VMAX(3) redefines enterprise storage with the industry's first
open enterprise data service platform - 3X performance and a 50%
reduction in TCO.
-- EMC Isilon OneFS delivers the industry's first enterprise-grade
scale-out Data Lake and new platforms with 2X performance.
-- Now available, EMC ViPR 2.0 and EMC ViPR SRM software-defined storage
enable customers to build a modern storage infrastructure on commodity
-- Breakthrough hyperscale cloud storage infrastructure - EMC Elastic Cloud
Storage (ECS) Appliance - is now available. EMC has shipped the first
ECS Appliance, a single system totaling three Petabytes, to The Vatican

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EMC Full Story:

EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) today announced significant new product releases across its Flash, enterprise storage and Scale-Out NAS portfolios - collectively helping today's IT organizations "Redefine Possible" and accelerate their journey to the hybrid cloud.

Over the last few years, organizations that have harnessed the megatrends of social, cloud, mobile and big data to build new applications have been able to transform their industries. The recipe for IT transformation is conceptually simple - invest in new applications by reducing investment in the existing application estate. However, the reality is that there is 29% annual data growth in existing application workloads, a continued 58% "drag" incurred by supporting infrastructure applications on business applications, and the ever escalating need for faster performance for specific application workloads.

Organizations that successfully reduce the cost of running their existing application estate can use these efficiencies to fund new application development - building a new generation of mobile and big data applications that will redefine their business. These architected applications need a way to bridge the management of both new and existing application workloads without creating further infrastructure silos. Today's releases of EMC XtremIO™, EMC VMAX(3™), EMC Isilon OneFS, and the availability of EMC ViPR 2.0, ViPR SRM 3.5, and the EMC ECS™ Appliance address the issues and many more. These solutions help IT organization "Redefine Possible" as they accelerate their journey to the hybrid cloud.

New Product Highlights

-- EMC announced XtremIO 3.0, offering a multitude of new features and
configurations, ecosystem integrations, and business programs for EMC
XtremIO all-flash arrays. Collectively, these offer more scale, more
capabilities, and more support for consolidated, virtualized, and
performance-hungry workloads.
-- EMC announced the highly anticipated VMAX(3) Family, which transforms
VMAX from enterprise storage to an enterprise data service platform.
This fundamentally changes what has - until now - been possible with
enterprise storage by bringing new levels of cloud-like agility,
efficiency and control within the data center. The VMAX(3) enterprise
data service platform enables customers to regain control of where best
to run specific workloads, within the data center or in the public
cloud. VMAX(3 )is the foundation for hybrid cloud as IT looks to deliver
-- EMC announced a major upgrade to EMC Isilon OneFS, new Isilon platforms
and new solutions that reinforce the industry's first enterprise-grade,
scale-out Data Lake. The new products and capabilities, which include
ongoing support for HDFS, help customers advance their ability to
ingest, store, protect and manage massive amounts of unstructured data.
-- EMC announced the availability of EMC ViPR 2.0 and EMC ViPR SRM 3.5,
helping customers build a truly modern storage infrastructure on
commodity platforms, while also making it easy to manage any storage
infrastructure - from a cluster of two arrays to a truly hyperscale,
multi-Petabyte environment.
-- EMC announced that the EMC ECS Appliance, a breakthrough hyperscale
storage infrastructure designed for the data center, is now generally
available. The ECS Appliance, powered by ViPR 2.0, redefines storage
economics and balances the benefits of the public cloud--cost,
simplicity, scalability--with the security and control of the private
cloud. EMC has shipped the first ECS Appliance, a single system totaling
three Petabytes, to The Vatican Library.

Executive Quote

David Goulden, CEO, EMC Information Infrastructure

"Organizations harnessing the four IT megatrends of social, cloud, mobile and big data to build new applications are redefining their industries. IT must drive cost efficiencies to fund the new applications businesses are asking for. Although these new applications will be architected differently, they cannot become another IT silo. Today's announcements deliver IT organizations with the ability to redefine possible, by dramatically reducing the TCO of existing application estates, and accelerating new application delivery on their journey to the hybrid cloud."

Jeremy Burton, President, EMC Products, Marketing & Solutions

"Customers are dealing with the reality and challenges of managing a variety of workloads - while supporting new demands to build new applications, both on-premise and in the public cloud. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Today's new innovations from EMC deliver customers the foundation needed to manage existing and new application estates and accelerate their journey to the hybrid cloud."

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