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Dryer Master is Proud to Celebrate its 30th Anniversary

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Dryer Master is Proud to Celebrate its 30th Anniversary

Press release date: November 1, 2013

Waterloo, Ontario  РDryer Master is proud to be celebrating 30 years of providing moisture monitoring and drying control solutions to the grain industry.

The very first Dryer Master systems were introduced way back in the fall of 1983, during the fall grain harvest. Originally retrofitted onto existing dryers, the computerized drying control systems added real time in-line moisture readings and advanced model based control to help grain dryer operators improve their drying performance. Operators were able to achieve reduced energy usage, improved quality (from reduced under and over drying) and increased dryer throughput.

Today, 30 years on, Dryer Master’s systems are the industry leader in the grain business and can be found in installations around the world. In fact, with over 90% of production being exported and with the vast majority of systems now being placed on new dryers, it is clear how accepted and integral Dryer Master technologies have become.

Dryer Master is not standing still. The application of the technologies has expanded into other industries including quenching coffee beans, rewetting soy meal, controlling pet food production and optimizing pellet mill operations.  Now, more than ever, Dryer Master is also seeing increased interest from equipment manufacturers interested in incorporating the technologies into their product offerings.

Dryer Master is thrilled to be celebrating this 30th anniversary milestone with our customers and employees who have contributed so much to the company’s growth and prosperity.

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Dryer Master
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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2V 2C6
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