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DataDirect Networks Revolutionizes Big Media Workflows with Tiered Storage Solutions that Enable Enterprises to Drastically Improve Performance, Scalability and Efficiency of their Post Production, Broadcast and Content Delivery Operations

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Original Press Release

DataDirect Networks Revolutionizes Big Media Workflows with Tiered Storage Solutions that Enable Enterprises to Drastically Improve Performance, Scalability and Efficiency of their Post Production, Broadcast and Content Delivery Operations

Press release date: April 7, 2014

Deluxe Entertainment, Imagica, Level 3 and Starz Rely on DDN to Reclaim 40% of Datacenter Footprint, Scale 10K Times Larger, Use 50% Less Power and Cooling and Process More Streams on a Single Appliance

LAS VEGAS - 2014 NAB Show, Booth #SL8016 -

In this new age of high definition, on-demand digital media, Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies are challenged to evolve their IT infrastructure fast enough to keep pace with the data demands of their customers. Producing, editing and distributing media assets cost-effectively requires a content workflow supported by highly efficient IT infrastructures. From content capture/ingest to post production to play-out/distribution to active archives, DDN offers an economical, high performance, and on-demand shared storage environment to address the challenges of M&E companies. With over 15 years of experience and 600+ media customers, DDN is revolutionizing the big media workflows of today, and laying the foundation for scalable and elastic storage infrastructures of tomorrow.

    --  Digital studios, broadcasters, cable providers and Internet delivery
        networks are solving their big media challenges with DataDirect Networks
        (DDN) storage solutions designed for the world's most content-intensive
        workflows - from ingest to editing, transcoding, distribution and
    --  With the most complete storage portfolio for M&E customers today, DDN is
        enabling dramatically improved business agility for clients by
        delivering 10,000 times greater scalability(i), 40 percent datacenter
        space savings(ii), and 50 percent less power and cooling(iii), while
        offering 13 times more bandwidth(iv) to process and handle more
        streams(v) over any other competitive offering.
    --  DDN offers file and object storage solutions for every part of the
        content lifecycle with a single, seamless, end-to-end platform. Unlike
        traditional enterprise storage, DDN™ technology eliminates silos by
        enabling customers to manage all workflows, all formats, all content and
        all device types in one place.
    --  With its broad portfolio of big data and cloud storage offerings, DDN is
        giving its M&E customers the confidence that their critical systems and
        information are protected, improving the delivery of digital content
        across geographically distributed data centers and addressing the
        storage and workflow performance needs of broadcast and film and post
        production organizations everywhere.

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At NAB Show, DDN Showcases Active Archive and Content Delivery Use Cases in Booth #SL8016

    --  Active Archive Demo: The ultimate collaboration story told by global
        post-production company, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group. Learn how
        Deluxe uses DDN WOS® object storage platform to free up expensive
        tier-1 storage, increase utilization and efficiencies of geo-dispersed
        compute and creative resources, and create a much easier scaling path
        over time.
    --  Content Origin and Delivery Demo: Find out how the biggest content
        delivery networks solve their largest, unpredictable storage needs.
        Level 3 Communications will demonstrate its Cloud Content Exchange
        service powered by DDN's GRIDScaler™ solution.
    --  ASG Digital Archive Demo:  Visit the DDN Booth #SL8016 from 2:00-2:30
        p.m. PT every day to meet our partners from ASG and discover how its
        digital archive (ADA) solution utilizes DDN's WOS object storage
        platform to achieve the highest performance and most cost-effective
        disk-based archive solution in the market.
    --  Active Archive Alliance Session: Join DDN and the Active Archive
        Alliance in room S224 on Tuesday, April 8 from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. PT for a
        panel session that will showcase the way active archive technology is
        delivering a new level of capability to media and entertainment IT
        environments, allowing them to store and easily retrieve data in ways
        that weren't possible before.

Next Generation Content Solutions for Media and Entertainment

Delivering the highest levels of concurrency, with DDN next generation content solutions, collaborative workflows are accelerated, whether local or worldwide. DDN high performance Tier-1 solutions help users deploy less storage, servers and networking components than with competitive platforms. And, WOS cloud storage provides a simple, cost-efficient object storage platform to enable new revenue opportunities for established content - with active archiving, at nearly the cost of tape. Using DDN technology, M&E customers address their most critical high-performance production, editing, collaboration, archive and delivery business challenges, including:

    --  Broadcast & Film Production and Editing - With larger formats and higher
        resolution more commonplace, broadcasters, film production companies and
        post-production houses must overcome the hurdles of crowded storage
        environments which threaten to slow production and inhibit the creative
        process. With DDN storage solutions, users can streamline their
        workflows, eliminate content silos, shorten time to market, thereby
        unleashing the creative process and reducing the overall cost of
        production storage. Using a combination of DDN GRIDScaler for Tier-1,
        production storage and WOS for a seamlessly connected active archive,
        studios can manage the size of their high performance storage while
        moving off content quickly and easily to their active archive tier built
        on WOS storage. This strategy eliminates the complexity of multiple
        tiers, reducing the overhead of additional storage maintenance and
        management associated with traditional solutions. With its high data
        throughput and parallel infrastructure, GRIDScaler, the industry's
        fastest NAS and parallel scale out storage appliance, makes the ultimate
        production storage solution. WOS object storage is the ideal active
        archive delivering the industry's best balance of high performance,
        scalability, ease of use and very low TCO.

    --  Web Content Origin and Delivery Networks - The world's largest cable and
        telco television providers that are looking to implement or expand their
        content origin or delivery infrastructure are often faced with the
        choice of whether to build, buy or rent their solution. With the DDN WOS
        solution, users now have a storage platform purpose built for digital
        content, making the "buy approach" the smartest one. WOS technology
        delivers easy setup and administration, low TCO and a high performance
        online content origin and delivery infrastructure. Capable of scaling to
        billions of objects in a single instance, WOS enables set up of a
        multi-petabyte geographically distributed self-healing solution in hours
        instead of days or weeks, all managed by less than one full time
        employee. WOS delivers fast uploads through local ingest, and with a
        choice of highly optimized data protection schema, is highly secure and
        multi-tenant enabled.

    --  Cloud Services - WOS is the only object storage system that is optimized
        for high-speed throughput of large data volumes and super-fast I/O
        operations for small files, allowing users to mix different sized
        objects on a single high performance platform with greater disk
        efficiency. This makes DDN storage ideal for hyperscale cloud, social
        and Internet applications like Internet music-delivery and photo-sharing
        sites. For multi-site cloud deployments, the built-in WOS Latency-Aware
        Access Manager will automatically address data access requests to the
        location with the lowest latency. Integration between WOS and GRIDScaler
        offers users comprehensive data management and ILM tools with cloud
        connectivity to seamlessly manage, distribute and archive data. By
        embedding the file system inside the storage, DDN storage provides
        non-disruptive and infinite scale out capacity to maximize the value of
        content assets.

    --  Collaboration and Global Distribution - Collaborative network editing is
        transforming television and video production. DDN's unique SFA™       
        architecture enables these users to store all file-based data in one
        place so that producers can work on it locally and from multiple
        locations at once. With real-time QoS, users can work concurrently on
        the same file or on different files, generating hundreds of SD, HD, 2K,
        3D and 4K streams for ingest, edit, rendering and playout access all on
        the same storage pool - without performance degradation or fear of
        dropping a frame. And for large animation and effects rendering farms
        that must operate at their peak 24/7, seamless integration between DDN
        products enables users to offload GRIDScaler jobs from a central
        location to WOS storage for multisite cloud-based collaboration, global
        distribution and disaster recovery for maximum performance without

Supporting Quotes

    --  According to DDN CMO, Molly Rector, "Production studios, broadcasters
        and other customers in the media and entertainment industry are expected
        to deal with a multitude of issues and tasks associated with big media
        workflows, including high-performance production, editing, ingest,
        archive and delivery and more. By leveraging DDN technology with
        unparalleled performance, ease of management and cost-efficiency for
        their demanding workflows as part of a highly efficient IT
        infrastructure, users can create without limitations, collaborate more
        confidently and shorten time to market."

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About DataDirect Networks

DataDirect Networks (DDN) is the world leader in massively scalable storage. Our data storage and processing solutions and professional services enable content-rich and high growth IT environments to achieve the highest levels of systems scalability, efficiency and simplicity. DDN enables enterprises to extract value and deliver business results from their information. Our customers include the world's leading online content and social networking providers, high performance cloud and grid computing, life sciences, media production, and security and intelligence organizations. Deployed in thousands of mission critical environments worldwide, DDN's solutions have been designed, engineered and proven in the world's most scalable data centers to ensure competitive business advantage for today's information powered enterprise. For more information, go to or call 1-800-837-2298.

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(i) DDN WOS storage offers 10,000X larger namespace as compared to EMC Isilon

(ii) When comparing the same performance and capacity, DDN storage enables  40 percent more space savings as compared to Quantum

(iii) DDN storage uses 50% less power, cooling and rack space as compared to EMC Isilon

(iv) With 48GB/s, DDN offers 13x higher bandwidth than EMC Isilon in a single system

(v) DDN speeds operations and workflows by handling more streams on a single appliance as compared to EMC Isilon and NetApp

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