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Crystal Systems Sapphire Windows

Press release date: August 7, 2009

The aerospace industry is now turning from non-sapphire to sapphire windows because of the material's robust nature and good optical properties. These new large-dimension standards required the scale-up of the heat exchange method (HEM)* of crystal growth, as well as fabrication processes to accommodate the new regime of components. The HEM growth method recently underwent extensive engineering to adopt the same growth conditions used to produce high-quality 13-in. crystals for the newly introduced 15-in. crystals. Sapphire windows ranging in size from 1.00" -2.50" X 0.040"- .250" thick, and orientations of 0 , 60, and 90 . Applications include air and gas analyzers, xenon lamps, view ports, bar code readers, or medical devices. For additional information regarding sapphire for industrial applications, contact Crystal Systems, 27 Congress St., Salem, MA 01970; (978) 745-0088; fax (978) 744-5059;; or visit


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