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Creating Jobs in North America

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Creating Jobs in North America

Press release date: January 9, 2010

In a competitive global climate, the interconnect and cable assembly industry has seen jobs leaving North America and being created in China. Higher volume and commodity type products are well suited for " mass production". The custom cable assembly market is a different story. 2009 was a challenging year, but ISC was successful in creating jobs in North America for the custom cable assembly market. A successful outsource support program has been modeled by ISC to assist OEM's and Cable Assembly companies to develop custom overmold capabilities internally. Our customers engaged ISC to support their manufacturing operations and added 21 molding machines to their factories in 2009, as ISC produced over 350 new overmolds. The resulting job creation from these activities was approximately 230 jobs in North America. In the fast paced global economy, service and time to market can be more beneficial to the bottom line than the lowest possible cost. ISC has helped to create the " Gold Standard " for service and support in the custom overmolded cable assembly market in North America. During the companies 11 year history, is has tooled over 2800 overmolds and assisted its more than 1000 customers to put in place over 65 injection molding machines in North America. The result of which is significant job creation in a highly competitive marketplace. The company stands by its mission statement: "" ISC is in business to expand the use of molded cable assembly interconnects. Our job is to bring total choice to the market. The company's unique resources improve time to market for new products while providing cost effective results by integrating design, tooling strain relief and assembly processes into one single solution for our customers. Custom molded cable assemblies for the OEM and Cable Assembly company "". For information, please contact Steve Burk at ISC Engineering, 4351 Schaefer Avenue, Chino, CA. 91710 Tel. 909-596.3315 or


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