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Cray Valley Expert to Present on Chemistries for Recycling Nylon for Automotive Applications at ANTEC Conference During NPE 2012

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Cray Valley Expert to Present on Chemistries for Recycling Nylon for Automotive Applications at ANTEC Conference During NPE 2012

Press release date: February 27, 2012

Company will also debut SMA® 9000 series copolymers at NPE booth 37010 EXTON, Pa., February 27, 2012 - Cray Valley's Manager for Thermoset/Thermoplastic Applications Laura Shekleton will present a paper on how the automotive industry can take advantage of recycled polyamide 6 (r-PA6) and polyamide 6,6 (r-PA66) scrap in cars. The paper will be presented Monday, April 2, at 4 pm at the ANTEC® conference as part of Cray Valley's presence at the National Plastics Exposition (NPE). The plastic industry's largest event, NPE takes place April 2 - 5 in Orlando. In conjunction with the presentation, Cray Valley will be featuring its new SMA® 9000 series concentrates in booth #37010. Mandates in the European Union are forcing automotive manufacturers to evaluate post-consumer polymers as part of a closed-loop recycling initiative. Streams of r-PA6, r-PA66 (commonly called nylon) and comingled streams of the two will become increasingly available, but typically will not yield the same performance characteristics as virgin polyamides. Using reactive chain extenders and compatibilizers during processing may be the missing key to the recycling effort. Shekleton's presentation explains how reactive compatibilization of contaminated r-PA66 and r-PA6 can be achieved using SMA copolymers, improving the processability and the performance characteristics of the recycled material. Property improvements should drive automakers to usemore recycled content in new vehicles. Doing so benefits the environment and may help manufacturers reduce costs. Cray Valley's new SMA 9000 series concentrates are designed for processing reclaimed and virgin polyamides. Manufacturers will find this pellet product easier to handle than conventional powders, and find that itmixes and disperses homogenously in the extrusion process. For information on Cray Valley's complete line of polymer modification products, click on Globally based in Exton, Pa., Cray Valley USA LLC is part of Total's chemical branch. Cray Valley provides hydrocarbon resins, Norsolene® and Wingtack® tackifying resins, along with Poly bd®, Ricon®, Ricobond®, Krasol(TM), SMA® and Dymalink® metallic monomers. These products are used as raw materials for adhesives, rubber and other applications. For more information, visit


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