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CAS DataLoggers Announces Major Project for SolData

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CAS DataLoggers Announces Major Project for SolData

Press release date: August 29, 2012

Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project Makes Seattle Safer CHESTERLAND OH - CAS DataLoggers is excited to announce a major project with SolData, a worldwide instrumentation and monitoring services firm with US offices in Seattle, WA and Cuddy, PA. SolData recently selected dataTaker DT80G Intelligent Vibrating Wire Data Loggers to monitor ground movement along the record-breaking 57.4-ft. diameter x 1.75-mile Seattle Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel. SolData will cover a vast array of points along the tunnel's construction corridor and surrounding structures to monitor ground and structure movement as part of this ambitious project. The program will replace the existing Alaskan Way Viaduct section of State Route 99 which is at serious risk from earthquakes. The various replacement projects are estimated to total $3.1 billion, and the completed work is expected to improve the transportation system improving travel throughout downtown Seattle. Seattle Tunnel Partners, a construction partnership involving New York-based Dragados USA and California-based Tutor Perini Corporation, is the winner of a $1 billion Washington state contract to dig a deep-bore tunnel to replace the viaduct. SolData has been subcontracted to install, view and manage instrumentation related to the SR 99 tunnel construction. A cutting-edge instrumentation program including CAS DataLoggers technology will perform the vital task of monitoring ground movements and structures above and around the tunnel. SR 99 crews have already broken ground on the tunnel launch pit, while SolData will begin its construction monitoring program in spring of this year, in advance of tunneling beneath downtown Seattle starting next year. Tunneling is expected to be completed by October 2014. Following their CAS DataLoggers purchase, SolData plans to install ground instrumentation for short-term stress monitoring along the tunnel and in adjacent buildings to ensure that sediment impact is limited on the tunnel's surroundings. Soldata's technicians will place over a hundred extensometer sensors along the entire length of the tunnel, each device taking stress-strain measurements and equipped with 3 to 5 vibrating-wire transducers. These extensometers will be separately distributed, so CAS DataLoggers has provided SolData with an advanced remote monitoring solution -dataTaker DT80G geologgers which are fully compatible with the extensometer sensors and connect with GSM modems to transmit all the project data. Together, the new dataTakers and channel expansion modules will maximize SolData's number of available inputs to cost-effectively fill their needs for this massive project. CAS DataLoggers will also provide onsite assistance to aid in getting the project underway, at no additional cost to SolData. SolData General Manager Boris Caro Vargas explained the appeal of the dataTakers: "We decided on the DT80G model because of its ease of use in configuration and the flexibility in connectivity-with the dataTakers we don't have to buy any additional modules or equipment. That's extremely cost-effective for us." Project Engineer Zoltan Paizs added, "It's easy to move and transport the dataTakers given the compact design, and they have many features all integrated into the one unit. Now we can use all our sensors and monitor all parameters using just the geologger, which also connects with our modems for remote monitoring." For more information on the dataTaker DT80G Geotechnical data logger, other cost-effective dataTaker dataloggers measuring almost any parameter, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at Contact Information:
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