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CAS DataLoggers Announces Attendance at AHTD 2012 Spring Meeting

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CAS DataLoggers Announces Attendance at AHTD 2012 Spring Meeting

Press release date: March 21, 2012

Complete Automation and SCADA Solutions from Trusted Manufacturers CHESTERLAND OH-March 21, 2012 CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that they will once again be attending the Association of High Technology Distribution's 2012 Spring Meeting, April 11th through April 14th at the Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona. AHTD is the leading resource for automation solution providers, technology product distributors and manufacturers, and companies looking for high-tech solutions providers. The biannual AHTD meetings are great places for attendees to check out the latest automation, automation recording, and SCADA devices on the market, and this year CAS DataLoggers is arriving with a robust product showcase highlighting sophisticated solutions from dataTaker, Grant Instruments and Delphin Technologies. For over 25 years, the AHTD has worked to increase productivity and profitability for high technology automation solutions providers and manufacturers who supply the automation needs for general industry and OEM manufacturers. Utilizing a wide spectrum of association programs and services, AHTD is the primary resource for all member companies to achieve their goals. CAS DataLoggers has been an annual attendee since 2009, and this year's Spring Meeting presents ideas about how automation industries can 'Stand Out and Move Up' after three years of stagnant markets and economic uncertainty. The conference will also introduce a new feature: five important main stage messages from prominent keynote speakers. As always, attendees also gain access to general sessions and networking opportunities with contacts in a wide variety of fields. CAS DataLoggers is the master distributor for dataTaker, Grant, and Delphin, and has prepared a product display packed with automation solutions as well as SCADA devices from dataTaker, including modem data loggers ideal for remote monitoring applications. The DT80M and DT85M universal loggers, DT82EM environmental logger, and DT85GM vibrating wire logger all come equipped with a built-in cellular modem for remote access and automated data transfers, saving customers both time and labor costs that would otherwise be spent manually collecting the data. Additional automation and recording products include portable solutions from Grant Instruments, including the popular brand of Squirrel dataloggers. These high-precision universal devices are ruggedly designed to keep operating even in harsh environments and feature a built-in display and keypad allowing them to be used in applications where portability and stand-alone operation are required. CAS DataLoggers also offers powerful industrial data acquisition solutions from Delphin Technologies. These advanced products provide precise measurement data acquisition to solve a variety of measurement and control problems in industrial and laboratory applications. Delphin systems feature different analog and digital input and output modules that can be used with a wide range of signal types including voltage, 4-20 mA current, thermocouples, RTDs, and resistance, and also offer powerful alarm and programming capabilities to allow the instruments to process measurements and initiate actions on their own. Delphin's series of Message devices operate data acquisition and intelligent processing at cost-effective prices. Additionally, Delphin systems can be used for local data acquisition and logging when connected to a PC, for remote unattended data collection connected the internet, or as stand-alone devices. ProfiSignal software enables the automation of testing benches, while ProfiSignal Go software allows remote monitoring of plants and machinery. Pete Martin, Sales Manager for CAS DataLoggers, explains, "At this year's Spring Meeting, we're all set to offer our economical automation and recording solutions, from compact and portable devices to complete data acquisition systems. We're also continuing to look to expand our distributor channels." For more information on data logging solutions from dataTaker, Grant Instruments, Delphin, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at


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