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Cartasite Granted an Important Patent in Driver Safety

Press release date: April 22, 2014

ROVR is recognized as an invention that saves lives

DENVER— Cartasite was recently granted a patent for the invention of the world's first realtime driver behavior analysis and reporting system, ROVR. The patent recognizes the innovations that the team at Cartasite has brought to driver safety.

"What makes the recognition of this invention most gratifying is the effect the approach has had on driving safety," notes David Armitage, CEO at Cartasite and one of the inventors.

Since the technology was first deployed in a commercial fleet in 2009, ROVR has saved many lives and is now deployed in over 30 countries. There have been numerous technical papers and studies done in the intervening years, which suggest that when ROVR is used in a commercial fleet it may reduce motor vehicle crash rates by over 50 percent.

In 2008 Cartasite conducted an important experiment utilizing approximately 500 vehicles in concert with the City and County of Denver, Colorado. The objective was to instrument vehicles with sensors and monitor subtle nuances of driver behavior.

After gathering vehicle event data for nearly a year, the scientists and engineers employed at Cartasite began to generate individualized scorecards that compared performance to a large population of drivers. The algorithms proved to be an effective measure of risk generating leading indicators that could be used to forecast the likelihood of a motor vehicle incident. The scorecards were then emailed to each driver weekly providing a critical feedback loop and ultimately motivating behavioral adjustments.

"We began to notice that individuals would change subtle pattern and habits when they when received their scorecards," Armitage said. "We humans are quite competitive, and we determined that the scores we were generating were having a very constructive and positive influence on individual performance."

In 2009 the team at Cartasite filed a Patent entitled "Systems and Methods for Vehicle Performance Analysis and Presentation (US 8604920 B2)" which was recently granted.

Driver Behavior Modification System Patent Sure to Make Roads Safer

"Basically the patent office has recognized that the instrumentation sensors, the processing algorithms, and the reporting system which compares individual performance to a large population is an important invention," Armitage explained.

Cartasite is spearheading a revolution in vehicle operations that will make our highways safer, reduce fuel consumption, and lessen transportation's impact on the environment.

Cartasite, a Colorado corporation, was formed in 2004 with the goal of delivering practical technology solutions that enhance safety, security, and operating efficiency for corporations worldwide. Cartasite's customers rely on the company's realtime monitoring systems to produce results that impact their bottom line, save lives, and protect their assets. Visit or call 303-865-3140 for additional information.

Ashley Podoll


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