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Brochure on PROLOC(TM) Bioadhesive for Transmucosal Drug Delivery Published by National Adhesives

Press release date: January 28, 2008

BRIDGEWATER, NJ, January 28, 2008 - A new brochure on the PROLOC(TM) Bioadhesive Drug Delivery System, a new bioadhesive technology from the Transdermal business group of National Adhesives, has been published. The PROLOC(TM) Bioadhesive Drug Delivery System provides the means to deliver drugs locally or systemically from various mucosal absorption sites on the body. According to National Adhesives officials, several successful clinical trials have been completed to support the delivery of drugs across the mucosa using this novel technology. These clinical trials include successful delivery via buccal, vaginal, ocular and nasal absorption sites and have involved drugs such as Nystatin and Metronidazole. The brochure includes charts that illustrate clinical data on a multitude of applications, including in vivo adhesion time in dogs, irritation indices, buccal tablet for testosterone delivery in dogs, buccal tablet for Nystatin delivery in human voice box prothesis, vaginal tablet for Metronidazole delivery in humans, mean serum concentrations and nasal delivery of insulin in rabbits. PROLOC is a proprietary technology providing superior bioadhesive properties with the capacity for high drug loading. The proprietary process, which does not create a new chemical entity, incorporates a USP-grade polysaccharide and polycarboxylated polymer and is effective as a sustained or controlled release preparation with an active agent. The system is fully erodable and can be utilized as a powder, compressed into a tablet or cast as a film. PROLOC is effective for both localized and systemic therapies. PROLOC facilitates transmucosal drug delivery providing a convenient means for rapid and direct local or systemic absorption and onset of therapeutic effects, allowing lower dosages and resulting in fewer side effects. For a free copy of the "PROLOC Bioadhesive Drug Delivery System" brochure, contact Michael Trisch at 908-685-5317 (business inquiries), Susan Lydzinski, 908-685-5462; or Dr. Paul Foreman, 908-685-5456 (technical inquiries) or by email to National Adhesives has been an integral part of the bioadhesive market since the technology's inception. As the global leader in acrylic polymers for transdermal drug delivery, National's DURO-TAK pressure sensitive adhesives are approved in over 40 unique commercial patches marketed in the Americas, Australia, China, Europe, India, Japan and Korea. National Adhesives has more than 35 years of experience and expertise in acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives, technical service, regulatory support, and manufacturing capability in both North America and Europe. National Adhesives is a unit of National Starch and Chemical Company, which had worldwide sales of $3.7 billion in 2006. National Adhesives offers hot melt, liquid emulsion and solvent-borne solution adhesives to customers worldwide. National Adhesives' products are based on polyurethane, acrylic, rubber, ethylene vinyl acetate, epoxy, polyvinyl acetate and starch and dextrin chemistries. National is headquartered in Bridgewater, NJ, and is a member of the ICI Group, an Akzo Nobel company. For more information about National Starch and Chemical Company and its products, visit You also are welcome to visit our on-line newsroom by clicking on the News button. National Starch and Chemical Company is dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of customers without compromising its commitment to sustainability. National Starch supports sustainability through its continuous efforts to improve the safety, health and environment of the communities in which it operates. For detailed information on National Starch's sustainability program, visit Editorial Contacts: Dave Manion 908-685-5395 Martin Torbert 908-685-5185


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