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Best Wilton Vise Story Fetches Five Thousand Dollars in Wilton Products

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Best Wilton Vise Story Fetches Five Thousand Dollars in Wilton Products

Press release date: November 1, 2012

LaVergne, TN - Wilton®, North America's leader in industrial vises, held a nationwide contest this year asking fans to talk about experiences with their Wilton vises in the Holding Strong Vise Story Contest, which commemorated Wilton's 71st anniversary in business. Rob R. of Lubbock, TX took home honors in this nationwide contest with a blow-by-blow account of his Wilton #6 vise. It may well be the most popular vise on the internet since Rob cataloged his experiences with the iron horse on his own webpage: "I found this old rusty Wilton #6 in February 2004, partially buried in the sand behind the well house on a little horse farm east of Lubbock, Texas. The yoke was missing and the screws were broken. It was just 105 pounds of rusty cast steel and a nasty attitude. "The sliding barrel was frozen into the receiver with about 1/8th inch of space between the jaws. And I do mean it was frozen-- locked down and resisting all efforts to open it for well over 2 years. It spent weeks in an electrolysis tank. I tried to jack it apart by chaining it down to a small section of I-beam, but the only result was broken grade 5 bolts, broken chains and finally, the jack itself. "Then the stubborn old vise spent about a year in a diesel soak before I finally fabbed up a little poor-man's hydraulic press with a 20 ton jack and some stronger clamps. Even then, it took all the jack could do, combined with a sledge hammer to begin to budge the slide. And it still fought me every fraction of an inch for several more hours before I finally separated the sliding jaw from the body. "Once I finally got it apart and cleaned up, I discovered the numeral "45" stamped into the bottom of the key on the tube. I think this means it was manufactured in 1945. I finished cleaning it up and treated it with Permatex Rust Treatment, which gives it the almost-black finish. It has continued to darken over the years. It is a beautiful thing and fully functional. "Cutter's Vise now sits in its place of honor in my little back yard shop and, yes, I do use it. It is a proud old warrior and a fine example of the toughness of that American treasure known as the Wilton vise." For most plant operations, when it comes to vises, Wilton is a household name. The brand has held strong on two main principles: staying true to their Made in USA heritage and manufacturing only the most durable workholding products on the market. This has been a fundamental philosophy of the brand since 1941, when Wilton invented the first 40S Machinist vise. "Over the decades, our trademarked vise design has proven to be the most durable on the market," said Henry Kao, Wilton's Product Manager. "Thoughtful innovation combined with over 70 years of quality manufacturing experience in the USA, and it is no wonder we have been holding strong since 1941." Vises have played an essential role in American manufacturing since World War II. Wilton vises have been known to be passed down from one generation to the next. All qualified entrants received a free Wilton Made in America C-clamp ($84 value) just for entering. The sweepstakes closed September 14, 2012. Wilton vises have anchored professional machine shops and manufacturing facilities throughout North America for decades. These rugged, innovative vises feature lifetime warranties. To learn more about Wilton and its products, visit: About Walter Meier (Manufacturing), Inc.
Walter Meier (Manufacturing), Inc. is a subsidiary of Walter Meier Group, a dynamic organization that delivers top quality manufacturing and climate control technologies worldwide. Walter Meier (Manufacturing), Inc. is headquartered in LaVergne, TN, and is the proud owner of WILTON®, JET®, and POWERMATIC® brands. The company has more than 4,000 dealers nationwide. From metalworking and woodworking machinery to material handling equipment and hand tools, the company's industry-leading products offer unsurpassed workmanship, performance and durability. This dedication to excellence has made Walter Meier (Manufacturing), Inc. a preferred supplier throughout the industrial marketplace.


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