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AVX Develops Application Specific Multilayer Varistor Series

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AVX Develops Application Specific Multilayer Varistor Series

Press release date: September 14, 2009

AVX Corporation has developed application specific multilayer varistors for automotive, industrial, military, mobile handset, telecommunication, heavy equipment, appliance, and consumer product applications. AVX can also design and manufacture custom varistors if the design requires specific performance and environmental characteristics not available in the standard product offering. "We design and manufacture the multilayer varistors with the end application in mind, and our custom design and manufacturing capabilities makes AVX's multilayer varistor series able to protect any circuit from electrostatic discharge (ESD) and transient voltage," said Sonja Brown, AVX Global Circuit Protection Product Manager. AVX application specific multilayer varistor series include:
o CAN Series is designed to protect a controlled area network (CAN).
o USB Series is the low cap version of the traditional TransGuard® and is designed to protect a universal serial bus (USB)
o Medium Power Telecom Series provides an effective alternative to MOVs 60VRMS to 90VRMS
o Medium Power Automotive Series offer high energy ratings suited to protect against automotive related transients
o StaticGuard protects against electrostatic discharge (ESD)
o AntennaGuard is a low cap series designed to protect antennas and other circuits with high data rate speeds
o UltraGuard has low leakage for protection of battery powered applications For Price & Delivery information contact your local AVX Representative or Distributor


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