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Augusta Fiberglass Celebrates 40 Years of Manufacturing Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Tanks and Accessories

Press release date: July 1, 2014

Augusta Fiberglass is enjoying their 40th year anniversary of manufacturing Fiberglass Tanks and apparatus. Over the years we have grown in depth and breadth, from a small production effort to a major contributor and forerunner in the industry.

The team currently exceeding 300+ employees, success is the efforts that are geared toward the development, Fabrication and sales of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Tanks, Vessels, Scrubbers, Ducts, Stacks and accessories.

Augusta Fiberglass has an engineering staff who uses the latest of technological advancements as a daily practice which also incorporates quality, technique and the highest standards as a continuous ongoing activity in the custom products that are produced at the facility In Blackville SC. Production utilizes a standard only held by 11 companies in the USA known as ASME RTP-1, executing this standard produces the highest quality available and is sought out by the professions demanding the best equipment. In an effort to be even more versatile has a sister company with common ownership known as BD Plastics LLC creating dual laminate products enhancing the battle against chemically corrosive or abrasive breakdown of internal wall structures.

Mr. John Boyd, President & CEO of Augusta Fiberglass credits his sales support staff as being “Second to none in their customer service provisions excelling in follow-up and continuous information dissemination, whether it be gathering information from the customer or return information keeping the customer in the loop with their project progression.

Additional support teams and our various staffing personnel continue to work together like a family, proudly providing the highest quality services to each and every client and their projects.”

Augusta Fiberglass products can be found as a supporting element in Industries such as Power Plants, Chemical Processing, Water Treatment, Air Pollution Maintenance, Environmental Control, Pulp & Paper, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Metals and Plating. The future is now advancing the implementation of our products in the production of Biomass Products and Water Desalination.

The originators of Augusta Fiberglass Mr. John Boyd and his wife Caroline along with a small supporting group had started with one small contract and developed into a success that has very proudly grown into a huge contributor of today’s technology used for the good of mankind on a global scale and future efforts to expand are right on the horizon.

Jeffrey Davis, Marketing Director
Blackville, SC 29817


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