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AP Dataweigh Saves Mint Operators Millions

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AP Dataweigh Saves Mint Operators Millions

Press release date: March 25, 2014

Cumming, GA – AP Dataweigh, Inc., a dynamic in-motion scale and checkweigher OEM, unveiled a high resolution, high speed check weighing machine specifically designed for precious metal manufacturers, stamping operations and coin mints.

"When stamping or forging precious metal blanks on lines with high speed presses running at 600 coins per minute, every tenth or hundredth of a gram over on the final product directly effects the bottom line," said Steve Davis, President of Rite Way Machinery.  "The end customer must be guaranteed a minimum amount of whichever precious metal is in the coin, whether it be gold, silver or platinum, in a coin, medallion or collectible," said Mr. Tim Tuinder, Production Manager for AP Dataweigh.  "The AP Dataweigh HR1-RAH platform High Resolution in-motion checkweigher drastically reduces giveaway by rejecting or accepting the blanks to within extremely tight tolerances," he continued.  "It even goes beyond controlling giveaway," added Ben Raham, AP Dataweigh Lead Sales Engineer.  "As our in line machines weigh each blank, whether overweight or underweight, data is presented in real time which allows production managers to be alerted to a potential problem along the line immediately.  They can then make a diagnosis and correct the problem at an early stage as opposed to an advanced one," he concluded.  "This capability leads to data collection and reporting resulting in tremendous real time savings along the entire assembly or fabrication line, from tooling and die wear to packaging and shipping," said Steve Van Duzen, Senior Vice President of Sales at AP Dataweigh.  

The result of cooperation between Rockwell Systems, Hardy Load Cells and AP Dataweigh, the new advanced AP Dataweigh HR1-RAH platform high resolution series of checkweighers can be configured to meet the needs of fine tuned, high speed operations in harsh, dusty and washdown environments.   
"These are important partnerships for AP Dataweigh as they match extensive engineering and design to our over 20 years of know how in these industries," said Myrna Stanczak, President of AP Dataweigh.  "Our focus on developing and growing our manufacturing technologies is being driven by and with our customers," she continued.  "These technical additions, improvements and new capabilities have enhanced our relationships with our customers and have opened new opportunities directly within our customer network," she concluded.


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