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ANSI announces relaunch of standards education website.

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April 13, 2007 - ANSI has redesigned, an e-learning portal to raise profile of standardization among general public and within academic community. Site contains 2 long-form and 2 short-form courses, reference materials such as acronyms database, and links to current national and international standards-setting activities and organizations. Standards Education Database includes information on programs spanning wide array of industries.

American National Standards Institute - New York, NY

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ANSI Announces Relaunch of

Press release date: April 2, 2007

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announced today the relaunch of, the premier online source for standards and conformity assessment education. In line with the United States Standards Strategy (USSS) initiative to establish standards education as a high priority within in the United States, ANSI's redesign of the e-learning portal aims to raise the profile of standardization among the general public and within the academic community in particular. Now fully administered by ANSI as an in-house resource, contains courses, reference materials such as the Acronyms Database, and links to current national and international standards-setting activities and organizations. The educational tools offered on the site provide an engaging online learning experience for both newcomers to the standards arena, as well as long-time participants who want to develop new skills. "Our investment to bring the portal in-house gives ANSI greater flexibility, speed and efficiency in developing and delivering content to meet the education needs of our members and constituents," explained Stacy Leistner, director of communications and education. ANSI provides its e-learning courses free of charge. The asynchronous (self-paced) educational model allows students to learn at their own speed and convenience. Currently, the website contains two long-form courses that provide a basic introduction to the U.S. standards development process and the role of standards in everyday life. Two short courses examine the ways in which standards have evolved over time and legal issues in standards-setting today. An additional course on standardization in the international arena will be available soon. In addition to the e-learning programs, also contains the Standards Education Database, a resource for education and distance-learning programs provided by ANSI-accredited standards developers, ANSI members and academic institutions. The database includes information on programs spanning a wide array of industries, including health and safety, construction, architecture, wireless communication, testing and accreditation, and more.


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