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Albany Medical Center Implements Digisonics System for OB/GYN Structured Reporting

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Albany Medical Center Implements Digisonics System for OB/GYN Structured Reporting

Press release date: July 21, 2014

HOUSTON –  Albany Medical Center in Albany, NY has selected the Digisonics system for structured reporting of their OB/GYN ultrasound studies. Already utilizing the Digisonics Cardiovascular Information System for structured reporting of their echo and vascular studies, Albany Medical Center naturally turned to Digisonics as the best solution for OB/GYN structured reporting. The Digisonics system will enable Albany Medical Center’s clinicians to perform fetal growth analysis, create OB/GYN structured reports summarizing their findings and maintain a single comprehensive clinical database for their OB/GYN patient studies.

Clinicians will have the ability to simultaneously review their study images on their incumbent PACS while creating their OB/GYN structured report via the Digisonics PACS API. The Digisonics API will launch the Digisonics OB/GYN structured reporting software directly from Albany Medical Center’s PACS, allowing clinicians to work from a single workstation and optimize their time.

OBLink interfaces will streamline connectivity between the Digisonics OB/GYN ultrasound structured reporting system and the hospital’s ultrasound machines. Patient demographics and measurements will be autopopulated directly into the Digisonics OB/GYN ultrasound structured report, saving valuable data entry time and eliminating possible input errors. HL7 interfaces for Orders In, Results Out and Billing between the hospital’s EMR and the Digisonics OB/GYN structured reporting system will facilitate a fully electronic workflow. A DigiLink add-on to the HL7 Results Out interface provides their clinicians with access to PDFs of the finalized OB/GYN reports within their EMR. DICOM copies of the finalized Digisonics OB/GYN reports will also be stored to Albany Medical Center’s PACS system for easy review with the patient images.

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Digisonics provides top-rated clinical image management and structured reporting systems for cardiovascular (CVIS), radiology, and obstetrics gynecology. Digisonics structured reporting solutions combine high performance image review workstations, a powerful PACS image archive, an integrated clinical database, comprehensive analysis capabilities and highly configurable reporting for multiple modalities. Key applications are complemented with interfaces to information systems and 3rd party vendors, providing facilities with a seamless, efficient clinical workflow.

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