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A New Line of Weights improves Accurate Weighing Results

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A New Line of Weights improves Accurate Weighing Results

Press release date: August 11, 2010

The new Signature Line weights offer all the benefits that 'Made in Switzerland' stands for: Guaranteed positive weight tolerances, full life time guarantee and unmatched Swiss quality. Testing with Signature Line weights ensures best process safety and guarantees regulatory compliance. Accurate weighing results are crucial to all industries, but become even more important within regulated environments, such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. While routine testing of balances increases security and measurement accuracy, a more in-depth balance calibration is advisable for critical processes. METTLER TOLEDO introduces Signature Line weights specifically designed for enhanced testing requirements. A unique electrolytic adjustment process enables the weights to be manufactured in the positive tolerance range. This results in a longer usage life compared to standard weights, which may also fall into the negative tolerance range. Signature Line weights are hand selected and come with a lifetime guarantee: if a weight should be found out of tolerance, we will replace it free of charge. Guaranteed Positive Tolerances
Weights become lighter due to mechanical abrasion over their entire life span. Once they fall out of their assigned weight class, they need to be replaced resulting in lost calibration history. To maximize each weight's life span, METTLER TOLEDO uses an electrolytic adjustment procedure ensuring production quality lying close to the upper end of the positive tolerance range. Full Lifetime Guarantee
Not only do we offer the finest quality, highest accuracy and unmatched calibration service, we also offer a guarantee that cannot be beaten. Our 'Stay-in-Tolerance' lifetime guarantee means just that. If a weight is ever found to be out of tolerance it will be replaced free of charge. Made in Switzerland
'Swiss made' is more than a simple label of origin. It is a sign to customers that they are buying a product of outstanding quality and reliability. Signature Line weights are the cream of the crop with unmatched Swiss quality made from vacuum melted, premium stainless steel for extreme long-term stability.


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