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Creaform Presents the Perfect 3D Scanning Solution for 3D Printing Applications

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Creaform Presents the Perfect 3D Scanning Solution for 3D Printing Applications

Press release date: May 14, 2014

Creaform's new Go!SCAN 3D scanners and VXmodel software provide the ideal, fully integrated, professional-grade solution to capture real-world objects and send them to any 3D printer or CAD software.

LÉVIS, QC - Creaform, a worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and 3D engineering services, today presented the most versatile, portable and easy-to-use solution to create reliable 3D content-to-print from existing objects. The Go!SCAN 3D white-light 3D scanners and VXmodel, a 3D scan-to-print software module are the ideal solution for professionals in 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

When combining a handheld Go!SCAN 3D scanner with VXmodel and its 3D-scan-to-print functionalities, users can scan any 3D object, clean up their meshes, make them watertight, and quickly generate print-ready files. Thanks to VXmodel, they can bypass the unnecessary post-treatment steps as well as quickly and easily prepare their files to be printed in 3D.

Go!SCAN 3D scanners & VXmodel software offer a wealth of benefits, including:

        --  High speed 3D scanning: Typical objects are scanned in 5
            minutes or less.
        --  Professional-grade measurements: Accuracy of up to 0.1 mm
            (0.004 in.) and resolution of up to 0.2 mm (0.008 in.).
        --  Full-color 3D models: Users can easily and simultaneously
            capture high-quality geometry and colors.
        --  All the functionalities needed to prepare scan models for 3D
            printing: alignment, geometrical entities and cross-sections,
            mesh improvement, mesh editing, and more!
        --  Independent solutions: Works perfectly with any 3D printer.
        --  Complete and integrated support:Rely on Creaform's seasoned 3D
            scanning expertise and worldwide support.

"Creaform's unique Go!SCAN 3D and VXmodel module are the perfect complement for engineering and CAD professionals that use a 3D printer," said Francois Leclerc, Product Manager. "The duo's seamless and quick integration with any 3D printing or CAD process means that users no longer need to rely on third-party post-treatment software. This enables them to get the job done faster. With the Go!SCAN 3D and VXmodel, they ultimately get the optimal scan-to-print solution!"

For more information on Creaform's Go!SCAN 3D and VXmodel solutions, visit the Creaform web site.

About Creaform

Creaform develops, manufactures, and sells 3D portable measurement technologies and specializes in 3D engineering services. The company offers innovative solutions, such as 3D scanning, reverse engineering, quality control, non-destructive testing, product development, and numerical simulation (FEA/CFD). Its products and services cater to a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, consumer products, heavy industries, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation, and research and education.

Creaform is a unit of AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies, a division of AMETEK Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices, with annual sales of $3.6 billion.



Media contacts:

Americas: Émilie Grenier
418-833-4446 ext.: 255

EMEA: Annick Reckers
+49 711 1856 8030 ext.: 8048

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