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ADM Technologies Partners with International Armoring Corporation, USA to Bring in the Path-breaking Armorial Bullet Proofing Technology in India

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ADM Technologies Pvt. Ltd

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ADM Technologies Partners with International Armoring Corporation, USA to Bring in the Path-breaking Armorial Bullet Proofing Technology in India

Press release date: August 5, 2014

New Delhi –¬†ADM Technologies, a business consulting and advisory service company has formed a business-alliance with the International Armoring Corporation USA to start bullet-proofing facility for vehicles in India through its new venture called ADMA Specialty Vehicles India Private Limited.

International Armoring Corporation USA has been renowned worldwide for manufacturing the most reliable technologically-advanced armored passenger vehicles in the world and specializes in the manufacture of customised armored armoured vehicles for government officials, head of state, business executives or individuals who perceive a threat. IAC uses patented, lightweight synthetic armor laminates (Armormax), moulded to fit the vehicle rather than modifying the vehicle, thereby reducing added armor weight by 30-70%. It offers protection up to high-power rifle fire and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). With over 8,000 armored vehicles sent to clients in over 60 countries, IAC has the most experience in the industry.

ADMA will have all the top end features and equipments to manufacture premium and futuristic armoured vehicles in India for those who perceive a threat to their lives. For the use of these features, the vehicle owners need to know the degree of threat that they perceive and then plan accordingly. These bullet-proof vehicles would be particularly valuable and life-saving for both officials and common people in areas affected by insurgency or civil unrest. Professionals at International Armoring (IAC) determine the best level of protection for each individual depending upon the degree of expected risk to life of a person. International Armoring Corporation follows the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards for test procedures to determine the level of protection required.

The joint venture brings together the strategic strengths of both the groups and will help IAC to introduce the latest in the vehicle armoring industry according to Indian specifications and customer requirements. Dr. Deb Mukherji, Managing Director, ADM Technologies Pvt. Ltd., expressed his confidence in this collaboration: “This business collaborationstands for each organization’s commitment to provide customers with a single source of best services in armored-vehicles industry,” he said. “We as an organization are at an interesting phase of our journey where we arestrengthening ourproduct linesby new technologies. In such a phase joining hands with International Armorning Corporation USA adds to our position in the market,” he added.

Commenting on the joint venture, Mr Mark Burton, CEO - Director, IAC US said: “This association reflects our commitment to Indian market and our objective to bring in world class technology and products to the region. In addition, this collaboration brings on-board a strong amalgamation of business values and technology elements and assures our customers top class quality products with excellent product design support. We are sure that together we would build on our expertise and provide our customers with world-class technology and services. Armormax views its product as a service, aimed at making anyone who perceives a threat, feel safe. We offer a personal touch, close to client experience; no other company travels to its consumer”.

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