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DELUMPER (R) Div., Franklin Miller Inc.

chemical processing & waste management, machinery & machining tools, waste handling equipment

Grinding Machine features high flow cutting chamber.

January 26, 2016

Equipped with 5 hp motor and drive, TASKMASTER TITAN TM20000 is available in single, tandem, and duplex versions in standard iron and steel as well as stainless steel construction. Machine utilizes twin-shaft, counter-rotating cutter design to rip, tear, and shred solids entrained in liquid flow to fine particles so they can be easily processed by pumps and other equipment. Standard units are 21 ½ in. wide x 67 in. tall, while Duplex versions are 34 in. wide x 67 in. tall. Read More

waste handling equipment

Sanitary Crusher with Direct Drive has high-reliability design.

December 17, 2015

Along with CIP capability, quick change-over of cutting elements, and polished finish, ultra-sanitary DELUMPER® 1077S4 is available with 4 styles of cutters for versatility and features direct drive for smooth and quiet operation. Once-thru, non-destructive crushing action of precision crushing mechanism reduces oversized particles to basic grain size without over-grind or over-work of material. Fully enclosed, dust-tight, stainless steel body and drum prevent cross contamination. Read More

chemical processing & waste management

Mechanical Bar Screen features 75-degree inclination.

December 17, 2015

Employing front clean/front return principle, SCREENMASTER® CS provides efficient cleaning of bar screen rack and removal of solids from channel installations. System is fully constructed of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and comes complete with S320 Program Controller, which activates on timed basis or when high level is indicated by supplied level sensor. Driven by ¾–1 hp motor and gear drive, SCREENMASTER® CS is custom-built for channel width and lift height. Read More

waste handling equipment

Crusher provides low-friction cutting action.

July 10, 2015

Available with variety of auxiliary equipment, DELUMPER 1075 LP Crusher reduces hard or soft, heat sensitive, sticky or wet agglomerates and lumps at high volume without degrading material or causing rise in temperature. Unit features fully enclosed stainless steel stand and hinged hopper that tilts to allow access to interior components for cleaning and service. Extended cutting teeth rotate completely through heavy bar cage, self-clearing slots with each rotation. Read More

material handling & storage, waste handling equipment

Septage Receiving System offers automated rock removal.

April 27, 2015

With SPIRALIFT® SR Septage Receiving System, TASKMASTER TT grinder uses trap system to settle out rocks with high level of efficiency. Automated rock removal option has automated gate valve that opens on pre-planned cycle and lets rocks fall into enclosed screw conveyor. They are then conveyed directly into bin for disposal without operator assistance. System is preferred by plants that do not want to remove rocks manually. Read More

waste handling equipment

Sanitary Crusher eliminates chance of cross contamination.

November 25, 2014

Built to food, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industry standards, DELUMPER® 1077S4 has fully enclosed, dust-tight, stainless steel body and drum and employs direct drive system. Design also features CIP capability and polished finish. While 4 cutter styles afford applicational versatility, crushing mechanism produces once-thru, non-destructive crushing action that reduces oversized particles to their basic grain size without over-grind or over-work of material. Read More

waste handling equipment

Size Reduction Crusher features low-friction cutter design.

November 21, 2014

Featuring 3 parallel shafts of individual replaceable cutters mounted in staggered pattern around shaft diameter, Delumper® Triple-LP Crusher handles sticky, wet, moist substances as well as dry caked solids. Each shaft has heavy outboard bearings and shaft seal to protect bearings and retain product in cutting area. LP standard models are designed for high capacity on light-medium weight materials, while HD units offer continuous, high-load operation with heavy materials at up to 38,000 ft³/hr. Read More

machinery & machining tools, materials & material processing, waste handling equipment

Clog-Free Crusher has dual-shaft intermeshing cutter design.

May 8, 2014

With dual-shaft intermeshing cutter design, DC1600 Series can reduce dry, wet, or sticky solids via once-through, clog-free crushing action. Operation breaks down clumps, clusters, solids, and chunks to basic grain size. Employing cutters and spacers on 2 parallel shafts, design is available with choice of cutters with varying thicknesses and profiles. Cutter chamber dimensions are 50 x 14.75 x 10 in., and width of flanges facilitates connection to bins, hoppers, or conveyors. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, waste handling equipment

Rotating Drum Screen has internally fed design.

June 4, 2013

Offered in models with drums up to 60 in. dia and 156 in. long, SCREENMASTER® RT employs cylindrical screen constructed with perforated metal, wedgewire, or filter cloth along with weir system. Solids are conveyed to discharge flange, and liquids are drained via outlet port. Supplied in corrosion-resistant T304 or T316 stainless steel, fine screening system comes with screen openings from 500 x 500 micron (filter cloth) up to 6 mm perforations for municipal and industrial applications. Read More

waste handling equipment

Ultra-Sanitary Crusher features direct drive design.

December 4, 2012

Designed to meet standards of food, pharmaceutical, and fine chemical industries, DELUMPER® 1077S4 features clean-in-place capability, quick change-over of cutting elements, and polished finish. Precision crushing mechanism produces once-thru, non-destructive crushing action that reduces oversized particles to basic grain size without over-grind or over-work. Available with 4 styles of cutters, system has fully enclosed dust-tight stainless steel body and drum to prevent cross contamination. Read More

waste handling equipment

Channel Grinder includes pre-engineered FRP manhole.

June 21, 2012

Constructed with built-in channel set up for standard TASKMASTER TM8500 channel grinder, Manhole System can quickly be up and running, protecting downstream equipment. Design enables users to access grinder by just lifting hatch. Custom designed to match site requirement, grinder manholes are available complete with access ladder, choice of hatches and optional grinder guide rails, fully submersible drive motors and control systems. Read More

waste handling equipment

Compact Crusher measures 7.5 in. from inlet to outlet.

March 8, 2011

Available in carbon steel or 304 stainless steel construction with one-piece body, DELUMPER® 1065N features 6 5/8 x 11 in. inlet opening and hardened alloy one-piece cutting drum fitted with over 200 tapered teeth. Outboard bearings are protected by shaft seals to keep powders within cutting chamber. Supplied with direct gear drive or belt drive as required, crusher handles compressed products, silver and other agglomerates, minerals, and plastics. Read More

machinery & machining tools, waste handling equipment

Packaged Product Separator segregates containers and contents.

June 9, 2010

Suited for recycling, disposal, or reprocessing operations, TASKMASTER® PRS (Product Recovery System) separates dry or liquid bulk product from packaging. Product is separated and discharged from one port, while containers and packages are transported to second discharge port. Suited for expired or returned products packaged in cardboard, plastic, metal cans, and corrugated cartons, system is offered in carbon- or stainless-steel construction options. Read More

waste handling equipment

Channel Disintegrator maximizes plant equipment operation.

December 2, 2009

Dimminutor® Channel Disintegrator automatically screens/grinds wastewater solids in straight-through channels and wet wells, working on plastics, wood, rags, and other solids. Unit's 3 bidirectional rotary cutters intermesh at close clearance with stationary cutters, yielding solids small enough to pass through sizing screen. To simplify maintenance, it has individually replaceable cutters, oil lubrication, and rotary design requiring no auxiliary diverter screens. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Twin-Shaft Channel Grinder employs submersible motors.

August 12, 2009

Featuring cutting chambers optimized for handling bulky solids, TASKMASTER® TITAN (TM22000) has low headloss design and employs 2 counter-rotating shafts. One cutter stack intermeshes with second of greater diameter, promoting efficient feeding, reducing bulky solids, and helping flow pass through freely. Machine is also available as TITAN DUPLEX, featuring 2X cutting area, 10 hp motor, and cycloidal gear drive. PLC-driven S260 automatic reversing control system is also included. Read More

chemical processing & waste management

Shredder reduces solids in sludge or raw sewage lines.

July 15, 2009

Utilizing spherical shredding mechanism, SUPER SHREDDER® in-line disintegrator cuts and shears sewage solids into fine bits. Hard faced stainless steel cutters feature 1-piece, replaceable design and offer wear resistance. Because of spherical rotor design, SUPER SHREDDER has less moving parts than units with banks of cutter disks and therefore requires minimal maintenance. System includes S-250 Auto-Reversing control, which senses jam conditions and automatically reverses. Read More

chemical processing & waste management

Mechanical Bar Screen is built for smooth operation.

June 10, 2009

Custom-built for channel width and lift height, SCREENMASTER® CS efficiently cleans bar screen rack and removes solids from channel installations. It employs front clean/front return principle and is driven by ¾-1 hp motor and gear drive. Constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, system delivers continuous rotary motion and can be installed in new or existing channels and at 75° inclination. It is supplied with S320 Program Controller, which activates on timed/level basis. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, packaging equipment

Two Stage Shredding Systems optimize plant security.

May 7, 2009

Featuring tandem arrangement that incorporates primary and secondary shredder or grinder, TASKMASTER Multi-Stage Shredding Systems provide secure destruction for high-volume applications. Systems reduce very large or tough solids en masse including bulk bags, medical waste, bottles, packaging, cardboard, pharmaceutical rejects, plastics, documents, and labels. Units are provided with common support stand, input and intermediate hoppers, and integrated control system. Read More

waste handling equipment

Grinder provides fine screening, washing, and compacting.

April 30, 2009

Comprised of TASKMASTER® grinder, stainless steel shaftless screw screen, and control system, SPIRALIFT SL fine screens, washes, transports, and compacts channel-borne wastewater solids while leaving essential organics in flow. PLC-based control system uses flow level data to cycle screw to minimize power and wear. SPIRALIFT can be supplied with choice of electric or hydraulic drives and variety of channel widths, flow, and lift requirements. Read More

materials & material processing

Channel Grinders employ 2 counter-rotating shafts.

April 9, 2009

Employing 3 or 5 hp motor and cycloidal gear drive, TASKMASTER TITAN is available with 14 x 12 to 14 x 60 in. inlet cutting chamber for handling flow rates up to 8 mgd. System employs 2 counter-rotating shafts; one cutter stack intermeshes with second one, which has larger diameter. For higher flow and wider channel applications, TASKMASTER TITAN DUPLEX models have 31 in. by up to 60 in. high cutting chambers to handle flow rates up to 16 mgd for channel widths starting at 35 in. Read More

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