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Ohio Gratings, Inc.

architectural and civil engineering products

Architectural Screening offers application versatility.

May 7, 2014

Manufactured using 6000 series alloy aluminum blade extrusions, DG Series is suited for mechanical screens, dumpster enclosures, ornamental grilles, and drainable canopy infill in applications requiring visual screening, security, and architectural accents. Other uses include fences, gates, privacy screens, and sunshades. Multiple configurations are available to allow for different percentages of visual block and open area. Channel frame can be provided for installation into facade openings. Read More

architectural and civil engineering products, controls & controllers

Shading System also offers support for maintenance access.

July 9, 2012

In addition to shading system, Sunshade+ provides lightweight walking surface for maintenance access for low-rise buildings. I-bar construction, designed to carry 300 lb concentrated load, provides strength and stability for foot traffic. Able to integrate into any window system, product comes in various finishes and provides 100% solar block at 72° sun angle. Spans are pre-engineered for safety and manufactured from pressure locked aluminum. Read More

mechanical components & assemblies

Heavy-Duty Steel Gratings combine aesthetics, strength.

June 11, 2010

Specifically designed to accommodate wheelchair and high heel traffic, Wheels n' Heels® grating is available in stainless or carbon steel and combine AASHTO H-20 wheel load ratings with ADA pedestrian comfort requirements. Metro style, available with ¼ or ½ in. spacing between bars for optimal ventilation, has no top welds for enhanced aesthetic appeal. InVent style features main support bearing bars running perpendicularly but under top surface bars. Read More

architectural and civil engineering products

Carbon Fencing Product is built-to-order in various styles.

February 22, 2008

PressLock Fencing is offered in 8 stock configurations - Modular, Guardian, Palladium, Perimeter, SafeGuard, Screen, Tuscan, and Urban - for all types of industrial, commercial, and architectural applications. Combining aesthetics and security, mesh sizes and panel configurations can be manufactured and fabricated to end-user requirements. Fencing has no surface crazing or fading and features galvanized finish and polyester powder coating for corrosion protection. Read More

architectural and civil engineering products

Grated Flooring uses 3/8 or ¼ in. thick ASTM A36 steel bar.

July 13, 2005

Wheels n' Heels grating satisfies both vehicle loading requirement of AASHTO and pedestrian comfort requirements of Americans With Disabilities Act. ASTM A36 steel bar product will clear span up to 8 ft under H15 and H20 wheel loads and can be provided in pieces up to 3 ft wide and 20 ft long. Applications include parking garages, bridges and walkways, piers, pedestrian accessible roadways, boat landing ramps, drainage pit covers, and trenches. Read More

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