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650 Dekora Woods Blvd., Saukville, WI, 53080, US

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Matrix Packaging Machinery

Packaging Equipment

Bagging Machine and Pouch Filler/Sealer are wash down-ready.

June 5, 2014

Rated at cycle speeds up to 100 bags/min, Triton Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine can help packagers maximize uptime and efficiency while minimizing waste. Bag sizes range from 2 x 3 in. to 18 x 23 in. Designed for stand-up, flat bottom, and 5th panel style bags, Toyo Jidoki TT-8D-N Pre-made Pouch Fill and Seal Machine is rated at up to 55 pouches/min with pouch sizes from 4.7–10.2 in. W to 5.1–15.7 in. L. Both are wash down-ready for fresh produce packaging operations. Read More

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Multilane Stickpack Machine combines laser scoring and marking.

May 30, 2014

Using CO2 laser-based system with operating life of >45,000 hr, Inever BY300 performs scoring and marking operations for low- to medium-volume production of quality stickpack seals. Laser scores outermost layer of film without damaging inner layer, facilitating consistently straight and precise tear. Output ranges from 150 stickpacks/min for 3-lane operation to 350/min with 7 lanes. Respectively, widths range from 1.8–0.67 in. Lengths vary from 1.18–8 in. Read More

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Form-Fill-Seal Machine targets fresh produce industry.

May 10, 2013

Rated at cycle speeds up to 100 bags/min, Triton Automated Bagging Machine supports bag sizes from 2 x 3 in. to 18 x 23 in. Vertical machine features heavy-duty wash-down construction with 4 x 4 in. welded stainless steel frame. System includes Matrix Smart Jaw ST sealing system, automatic web edge guide film tracking, tool-free film roll and forming tube changeover, and Allen-Bradley control components. For modified atmosphere packaging, gas flushing system is available. Read More

Packaging Equipment

Form-Fill-Seal Machine handles up to 140 bags per minute.

February 11, 2013

Featuring stainless steel construction, Mercury HS forms, fills, and seals bags with widths ranging from 1.75–11 in. and lengths from 2.5–15.00 in. Machine includes SmartJaw ST horizontal sealing technology, color touchscreen operator panel, English/Spanish operator interface, and Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC system. For precise film movement, system has self-centering film drive down system, automatic edge guide film tracking, and short travel, angled incline film upwind. Read More

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Bagging Machine employs 2 augers and can produce 250 bags/min.

October 15, 2012

Intended for coffee, baking, snack food, prepared food, confectionery, and similar companies, X machine uses 2 baggers and 2 augers in one footprint-optimized unit to form pillow bags from 3–15 in. long and 2–7.5 in. wide. Production managers can bag same product or run different products simultaneously. In addition to remote operator station with spot-check weighing system, features include control software, stainless steel cantilevered frame, vacuum-pull belts, and Ethernet connectivity. Read More

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Food Product Concentrator improves narrow bag throughput.

September 24, 2012

By concentrating food and delivering shaped charge, SmartGate™ accelerates filling of small bags that do not contain much product for contract snack and health food packagers. Form-fill seal bagging operations running at 60 narrow bags (3.5 in. across or less) per minute can expect speeds from 100–120 units/min. Operation increases percentage of in-specification seals and reduces frequency of open bags. Unit can be removed from machine when wider bags are run on packaging line. Read More

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