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material handling & storage

Oval NBR Suction Cups suit sheet metal handling applications.

October 22, 2015

Rated for working temperatures of -22 to +194°F, flat SM-OF and bellows SM-OB Suction Cups enable dynamic, slip-free handling of both dry and oily metal sheets. Design utilizes multi-part, anti-slip cleats together with anti-slip supporting ribs that effectively absorb shear forces and prevent deformation of thin sheets. PWIS- and silicone-free, cups feature flexible sealing lip that provides leak-free suction on ridged, curved, elongated, and cylindrical workpieces with minimal surface area. Read More

material handling & storage, materials & material processing, robotics

Gap-Free Sprue Grippers handle thin, complex workpieces.

September 24, 2015

Suited for plastics processing and tooling machines, 10 mm dia 100 Series is available with standard, sensor-enabled, and fully elastomer-coated jaws. Design enables secure, gap-free gripping of workpieces ranging from flat and malleable parts and sprues as thin as 1 mm to those with material thickness up to 10 mm. Able to operate in environments with filtered and oiled or unoiled air, grippers feature bodies and jaws of anodized aluminum alloy and provide closing force of 22 N at 6 bar. Read More

machinery & machining tools, robotics

Round Quick-Changers include safe-lock mechanism.

August 27, 2015

Designed to withstand strong vibrations and rapid acceleration, SR Series provides reliable connection between assembly and material handling robots and gripper systems. Units feature snap-on SAFE-LOCK mechanisms, color-coded locking indications, and pneumatic air connections incapable of being misaligned. Made of high-strength, anodized aluminum alloy, quick-changers come in 50, 90, and 150 mm diameters with max lift capacity of 200, 400, and 1,000 N, respectively. Read More

material handling & storage, robotics

Adjustable Holding Force ID Grippers have 8-85 mm dia range.

August 10, 2015

Color-coded to correspond with clamping positions for pushed and drawn parts, ID grippers offer alternative to suction cups and sprue grippers for workpieces with holes or recesses. Elastomer bellows, respectively rated to withstand temperatures up to 266 and 392°F, are made of EPDM or FDA-approved silicone. Made of anodized aluminum, these single-acting, pneumatically operated expansion grippers do not leave any marks on workpieces and are expanded by pneumatically driven pistons. Read More

material handling & storage, robotics

Compact ID Grippers feature 3-10 mm diameter range.

July 23, 2015

Designed with interchangeable polyamide gripper heads, Single-Acting Pneumatically Operated Expansion Grippers handle lightweight parts with small dimensions and are suitable for integration into complex gripper systems. Units are made of anodized aluminum with silicone O-ring for optimized holding force. Optimal feed pressure is 6 bar and clamping diameter is 14 mm. FDA-approved for direct contact with food, grippers gently grip workpieces from inside, providing alternative to suction cups. Read More

material handling & storage, robotics

Sprue Grippers feature fully elastomer coated jaws.

July 9, 2015

Designed to gently grip workpieces to prevent surface of even delicate materials from scratching, 100 Series is suited for removing workpieces from injection molding machines. Made of high-strength anodized aluminum alloy, grippers feature gap-free jaws that are completely coated with hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber on all sides. Single-acting units have 10 mm clamping diameter, operating pressure from 250–800 kPa, and closing force of 22 N at 600 kPa. Read More

fasteners & hardware

Heavy-Duty Spring Plungers optimize positioning accuracy.

April 15, 2014

Featuring stainless steel shafts, automatic height adjustment, and optional rotation protection, SZ-NIV-HD series ensures attached suction cups handle sensitive products gently and protect grippers from collision damage. IGUS plain bearing offers abrasion resistance and optimized sliding properties with minimal play, while lubricant embedded in bushing material ensures smooth running and maintenance-free operation throughout service life. Read More

material handling & storage

Low-Leak Suction Plates automate sheet metal handling.

March 13, 2014

Equipped with flow limiters that keep leakage rate to permissible level, SPLT Series ensures vacuum remains intact, even if all suction cups can't grip sheet equally. Vacuum cups are arranged on plate as network of 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 bellows, with holding force of 182 N and 409 N, respectively. Available with centric or eccentric vacuum connections, plates offer automatic height adjustment via spring plunger and are suitable for loading/unloading punching and laser-cutting machines. Read More

chemical processing & waste management, fluid & gas flow equipment

Compact Ejector provides fast, cautious, precise placement.

May 14, 2013

Intended for pick and place robotics applications, vacuum generator uses suction cups for dynamic handling tasks. Blow-off flow is supplied via compressed air line as well as from ambient air, and blow-off boost enables precise and cautious deposit of workpieces in milliseconds. Rate of vacuum build up and dissipation accelerate gripping and placing, and each suction cup can be supplied with its own ejector. Solenoid valve withstands 100+ million switching operations. Read More

material handling & storage

PWIS-Free Suction Cups suit confined-space applications.

March 14, 2013

Made of HNBR, Short-Stroke Suction Cups designed for special handling tasks with flat surfaces. Paint-wetting impairment substance (PWIS)- and silicone-free, low-marking suction cups are not subject to lateral sliding movements due to vertical suction lips, which minimizes abrasion and help extend cycle life. To develop suction even on rough or grained surfaces, products feature dovetailed double sealing lips. Read More

material handling & storage

Wear Resistant Bellows Suction Cups handle abrasive products.

March 1, 2013

Made from special polyurethane material, Varioflex Bellows Suction Cups offer solution for automating and handling abrasive products with rough surfaces. With 60° Shore hardness, body resets itself automatically and provides resistance to lateral bending, while soft sealing lip with 30° Shore hardness guarantees maximum flexibility when handling abrasive products such as cardboard. Resistant to oil and weathering, polymer blend optimizes elasticity on exposure to UV. Read More

material handling & storage

Sprue Gripper removes workpieces during injection molding.

February 13, 2013

With high gripping force of 22 N, Sprue Gripper GR04.101A provides large area sprue control for detection of sprue in gripper regardless of position. Large jaw opening and compact construction allow for flexible integration into gripper systems, while Hartcoat® treated surfaces ensure wear resistance. Read More

material handling & storage, robotics

Magnetic Grippers have pneumatically controlled design.

December 14, 2012

Pneumatically controlled magnetic gripper is suited for integration within electronics-free environments, often found in sheet forming plant, and is compatible with FIPA gripper construction kit. Product keeps work piece in place, even when compressed air supply is lost, and design ensure secure handling of flat, ferromagnetic work pieces with and without boreholes or cutouts. Optional PNP and NPN magnetic sensors are available to monitor piston position. Read More

material handling & storage

Parallel and Angular Grippers feature customizable design.

November 20, 2012

Featuring Hardcoat® coated adapter jaws, 2-Finger Parallel and Angular Grippers provide opening and closing force of 16–320 N and 11–470 N, respectively. For 2-finger angular gripper, repeat accuracy is up to ±0.01 mm. Sensors with PNP or NPN output are optionally available for part monitoring. Grippers meet needs of applications in automotive, food, medical, packaging, and plastics processing industries. Read More

material handling & storage

Bag Grippers feature integrated ejectors.

October 18, 2012

Designed to handle unstable, bag-type containers and shrink-wrapped packages, Bag Grippers offer optimal suction power due to integrated ejectors. Even in case of low suction power due to handling extremely porous goods, side channel blower is available to generate vacuum. Diameter of suction channels allows dust particles to pass through unhindered, eliminating downtime due to clogging. Customized handling solutions can be created by splitting vacuum chambers and adjusting chamber depths. Read More

fluid & gas flow equipment

Air-Saving Ejectors will not compromise cycle times.

October 1, 2012

EKPP, EKP, and EMM Series integrate pressure regulation to reduce consumption of compressed air and energy without impacting cycle times. Equipped with automatic pressure regulation, they reduce compressed air usage by up to 50% per work piece, regardless of porosity. In addition, EMA and EKP-LSE Series can achieve savings of up to 97%, for airtight work pieces, via electronic air-saving function. All systems use 50.8 psi internally, reaching max vacuum level at feed pressure of 58 psi. Read More

material handling & storage, robotics

Insert-Grippers are tailored to shape of handled material.

August 24, 2012

Available in vacuum- and air-powered models, Customized Insert-Grippers are designed specifically for handling inserts in plastic injection-molded parts. Housing materials include high-strength aluminum compound or polyamide-based plastic, which is safe for use with food products. With quick-action couplings, gripper heads can be replaced without dismantling gripper system. Read More

material handling & storage, robotics

Parallel and 3-Finger Grippers handle strong duty applications.

August 31, 2011

Suited for cylindrical workpieces, 3-finger parallel grippers bring workpiece to defined position via self-centering gripper fingers and provide secure grip. Stroke spectrum ranges from 2-10 mm, and gripping forces range from 20-720 N. Parallel grippers for especially long strokes cover range from 20-200 mm and gripping forces from 20 to ~500 N. They are used, for example, in systems for handling of plane injection molded parts. Both grippers accommodate sensors for detecting piston position. Read More

material handling & storage

Compressed Air Expansion Grippers have lightweight design.

July 29, 2011

For applications where contact surface is too small for vacuum cups or grippers could cause damage, Expander grippers plunge into workpiece and increase in size to provide tight and secure grip with lifting force range of less than 1 kg to 65 kg. Aluminum design features 14-30 mm clamping shafts and does not have any steel components. Gripping force can be controlled by input pressure, and 11 sizes are available, with IDs from 4.5-85 mm, to suit wide variety of applications. Read More

material handling & storage, robotics

Customized Grippers handle sensitive products.

July 5, 2011

Offering high-speed alternative to classic vacuum cups, Customized Grippers are made from materials that comply with FDA regulations and therefore meet strict cleaning requirements of food, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical industries. Combination of gentle frictional connection and form fit guarantees secure hold even at high accelerations. Users are provided with everything in one unit, including integrated vacuum generation, gripper-robot interface, and pneumatic/vacuum gripper. Read More

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