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Euchner-USA, Inc.

electrical equipment & systems, sensors, monitors & transducers

Safety Switch utilizes transponder technology.

July 17, 2015

Combining principle of operation of electromechanical safety switches with guard locking and guard lock monitoring with transponder-coded safety engineering, CTP Safety Switch achieves category 4 / PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1, without additional fault exclusion. Unit features detailed diagnostic function with LED indicator on front panel to immediately show device status. Housed in plastic with metal head and IP69K protection, switch is suited for most industrial uses. Read More

electrical equipment & systems, sensors, monitors & transducers

Transponder Coded Safety Switch has integrated AS-Interface.

July 17, 2015

Via adaptor, CES-AS-C04 is directly connected to ribbon cable as slave. AS-Interface status is identifiable at all times via LEDs integrated into plug connector, while size, variable approach, and mounting options maximize design flexibility. Transponder coding in Unicode version provides protection against tampering and ensures at all versions Category 4/PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1. IP67 protection and insensitivity to vibrations permit use in harsh environments. Read More

electrical equipment & systems, electronic components & devices, sensors, monitors & transducers

Passive Distribution Module aids in-field safety switch wiring.

July 14, 2015

Supplied in IP67 plastic housing, passive distribution module accelerates straightforward series wiring of safety switches in field. Up to 4 products from CES-AR, CET-AR, and ESL-AR series can be connected per distributor, and modules can be connected in series to increase number of safety switches. Decentralized wiring benefits modular machine concepts as well as space-restricted control cabinets, and use of standardized cables with M12 plugs facilitates connection of safety switches. Read More

electrical equipment & systems

Single Hole Fixing Limit Switch has compact design.

July 18, 2014

Supplied in IP65 metal housing, EGM8 can be used where precision is required and allocated installation space is limited. Round design with M8 x 0.5 thread permits straightforward installation in monitored location, and position of operating point in relation to trip dogs to be scanned can be adjusted precisely via fine thread. Along with integrated changeover contact with snap-action function, features include operating point accuracy of up to 0.01 mm and differential travel of 0.1 mm.<br /> <br /> Read More

fasteners & hardware, plant furnishings & accessories, sensors, monitors & transducers

Safety System Escape Release permits unlocking from inside.

July 17, 2014

Designed for protecting and monitoring safety guards such as doors and flaps on machines and installations, Safety System ESL consists of handle and interlocking module equipped with transponder-coded safety technology CES. Escape release permits quick and straightforward unlocking of safety guard from inside, even if handle is locked. Release engages when actuated and prevents renewed closing of door. To close door and switch safety outputs on again, detent knob must be actuated. Read More

controls & controllers

Safety Control System is modular and expandable.

July 17, 2014

MSC universal, freely programmable, modular safety system can monitor numerous safety-related devices to help protect machines and installations. Even with base unit, it is possible to realize applications with up to 8 inputs and 2 outputs. Expansion is possible, via several input and output modules, to accommodate specific needs, and modules are also available for connection to different fieldbuses. Optionally, base unit can also be equipped with memory module. Read More

electrical equipment & systems, sensors, monitors & transducers

Safety Switch can be used in harsh industrial environments.

October 3, 2013

Comprising read head with integrated evaluation electronics and actuator, IP67-rated and vibration-insensitive CES-C04 can be used on doors hinged on left and right. Transponder coding of safety switch results in absolute security against tampering and ensures maximum safety in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 (Cat 4/PLe). While AP version allows for operation as single unit and connection to decentralized peripheral equipment, AR permits series connection of up to 20 devices. Read More

controls & controllers

Access Control System prevents tampering of safety guards.

May 2, 2011

Featuring Electronic-Key with RFID transponder and Electronic-Key adapter with read unit, FSA version of EKS Light provides each key user with access and authorization profile. Transponder-based unit lets authorized users select operating mode by utilizing device such as selector switch or touch display, and device is reset to safe operating mode by removing Electronic-Key. It includes floating switched semiconductor output that can be used to form safe shut-down signal. Read More

electrical equipment & systems, sensors, monitors & transducers

Safety Switch prevents lock-ins for accessible systems.

October 1, 2007

With safety guard locking, safety switch STF ensures people are not locked inside danger areas unintentionally. Product prevents access to danger area on machine as long as hazard is present and ensures safety guard remains locked until machine has come to standstill. Offering no risk of unintentional guard locking, switches have latch to ensure guard locking remains in its current position when machine is shut down or in case of power failure. Read More

controls & controllers, electrical equipment & systems

Hand-Held Pendant Station promotes design flexibility.

August 15, 2007

Featuring keypad with 14 freely configurable membrane keys, HBA-096692 lets users apply symbols and functions to said keys, as required, using printed slide-in strips from any standard printer. All membrane keys are also equipped with white LEDs that indicate important information on status of key to user by remaining on/off or flashing. Built-in emergency stop and maximum of 10 enabling switches make this unit suited for use in dangerous areas. Read More

electrical equipment & systems, sensors, monitors & transducers

Switches provide safety and access management.

July 2, 2002

Electronic Key System (EKS) consists of electronic key and matching key mount, and is used to manage access to PCs and control systems. CES Safety Switch consists of actuator, read head and evaluation unit. Coding of each actuator allows highest level of safety (Category 4) to be maintained. TZ Safety Switch connects directly to AS-i bus. Safety Switch TX meets requirements according to EN 1088 Chapter 3.4 of guard-locking device, preventing premature user access to machines and installations. Read More

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