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Parallel Link Robot operates 24 hours per day.

April 28, 2014

Serving as automated assistant for various manufacturing applications, Parallel Link Robot is suited for insertion, wiring, assembling, adhesive application, soldering, and labeling operations. Direct teaching process uses hand-guided intuitive operation to replicate precise human motion. Six-axis robot does not require typical engineering skills and computer work needed to program most robots, and once it is programmed, it can be run 24 hours per day. Read More


MES Software is available for manufacturers worldwide.

April 8, 2010

PanaCIM(TM) Enterprise Edition MES software v8.1 offers primary/dependent part binning support to automatically assist with part class matching requirements, which is beneficial for LED applications. Offline feeder and cart setup reinforces correct component reel-to-feeder and feeder-to-cart locations before production starts. Available in multiple languages, including Japanese, product consists of 9 modules covering production, materials, traceability, maintenance, and more. Read More

robotics, welding equipment & supplies

Arc Welding Robot suits push-pull aluminum welding.

February 15, 2008

Featuring bus communication interface to control lift arc start and end, TAWERS-Aluminum MIG can detect when current is flowing and retracts to take pressure off wire, resulting in reliable arc ignition. It uses 3 motor system to ensure accurate wire feed, and features syncro-weaving function and servo feeder for real-time parameter adjustment from thick to thin materials. Product can also use high voltage touch sensing through aluminum oxide, which prevents wire bending. Read More

robotics, welding equipment & supplies

Welding Cell produces as much as 3 manual welders.

January 9, 2008

Suitable for first time automation users as well as large companies automating low-volume projects, pre-engineered PerformArc PA-55 comes with 6-axis robot, torch, and inverter welder with artificially intelligent waveform control. Cell accepts payload up to 250 lb per side and welds typical part sizes of 12 x 53, 18 x 45, and 24 x 30 in. System controls, diagnostics, and programming are managed by color teach pendant, running Windows CE to flatten learning curve. Read More

material handling & storage, robotics, welding equipment & supplies

Robots feature automated zero position location.

March 15, 2006

TAWERS Series Robotic Welders and TA Series Manipulators offer On-Board Mastering, which enables alignment of robot to factory-set zero-point for 5 axes of arc welding robot operation. After initiating mastering process, software resident on Windows CE teach pendant signals operator to select axis of motion. Robot drives arm to calibration location where operator withdraws precision-threaded pins. Robot then drives axis against pins, locating zero position of chosen axis. Read More


Arc Welding Robots feature 64-bit RISC CPU.

November 9, 2005

TAWERS(TM) Robots are powered by Embedded Arc Control technology, which merges robot, welder, and wire feeder controls into one unit, housed entirely within robot controller. SP-MAG short-circuit welding process provides virtually zero arc spatter, minimizing post-weld cleanup. Automated wire extension control maintains constant wire stick-out during welding, resulting in consistent penetration and weld quality regardless of taught path variations. Read More

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