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Tony Straniero
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Fusion, Inc.

welding equipment & supplies

Brazing Paste joins carbon steel parts.

April 7, 2014

Paired with copper filler metals, EFK Brazing Paste can be dispensed through automatic applicators and handheld squeeze bottles. Product is for use in brazing of carbon steel parts in exothermic and endothermic controlled atmosphere furnaces. Paste exhibits no hot or cold slump, will not spatter, and leaves minimal residue under broad range of part cleanliness and atmosphere conditions. In addition, EFK will adhere to part surfaces even after application and drying for 2–4 hr. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Two-Station Brazing Machine suits medium volume applications.

April 29, 2013

Offering automatic, timed heat control, with multiple torches attached to retractable arm, Braze Mate 100LS processes 40–70 parts/hr. After operator loads part into stainless steel fixture mounted to 18 in. dia dial plate, deposit of Fusion Paste Alloy is applied to joint area. Operator manually rotates dial 180° to locked position. Heat cycle is then activated, automatically positioning burners in heat zone. Once joining temperature is reached, torches retract and air/water cooling cycle begins. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Automatic Brazing Machine processes 275 parts/hour.

January 23, 2012

With Automatic Brazing Machine, steel/stainless steel assemblies can be brazed in controlled atmosphere with filler metals such as copper. Atmosphere is created in enclosed fixture, which surrounds part during heating cycle. Induction heat source is typically used to bring filler metal to liquidus temperature. Displacing oxygen, 95 Nitrogen/5 Hydrogen blend produces clean steel parts without scaling and carbon buildup associated with open-air brazing. Read More

materials & material processing

Brazing Alloy Paste joins copper and brass parts.

January 7, 2003

Fusion #1131 contains Blockade(TM) filler metal, consisting of atomized copper, phosphorous, tin, and silicon. Copper/copper, copper/brass, and brass/brass parts can be joined with alloy when using gas/air, gas/oxygen, or induction heat methods. Paste, with liquidus temperature of 1247°F, can be automatically dispensed in premeasured amounts and features reduced brazing temperatures and improved joint ductility over traditional BCuP-2 filler metals. Read More

machinery & machining tools

Brazing/Soldering Machine is designed for small assemblies.

December 18, 2001

Rotary Index 100 is 36 in. wide by 48 in. deep and operates at rates between 100 and 200 parts per hour, depending on assembly mass and configuration. Brass, copper, steel, stainless, and aluminum can be joined on machine. Unit is equipped with clear, acrylic guarding on 3 sides. It requires 120 VAC, natural gas or propane, 80 psi air, water and drain. Read More